International: Direct Digital Manufacturing Aids Assembly Operations

June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008
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Direct Digital Manufacturing

Aids Assembly Operations

Whatever the future of direct digital manufacturing, for now it's seeing use in the production of jigs, fixtures and assembly aids.

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Paris-to-Beijing Run to Spawn Bio-Realistic 3-D Foot Model

Running from Paris to Beijing by the Summer Olympics, virtual-reality professor Philippe Fuchs partners with Dassault to create a bio-realistic 3-D model of a human foot. Read More

Freescale Draws Industry Heavies to Technical Forum

Freescale Technology Forum targets applications in embedded processing.
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787 Power On Video

Last week, Boeing announced it has completed a series of critical Power On tests.
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GE Develops Lightweight Metal Sheet for Aircraft Skins

Metal may have a new entry in the battle for super lightweight aircraft skins. General Electric received a U.S. patent June 17 for a powder metal sheet composition that could compete with plastic composites.
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Disney Rides on Wireless Ethernet

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Disney's Toy Story Midway Mania, the company's first attraction with an Ethernet-based ride control network, including parts that are wireless. Videos included.
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Turbine Pumpkin Cutter in Action - VIDEO Rick Crammond creates turbine power from his kitchen sink to drive a skill saw blade for easy jack-o'-lantern carving. Watch Now

Measuring Combustion Cylinder Pressure for Advanced Engine Control- WEBCAST The pressure to reduce carbon dioxide generation, substantially increase fuel economy and continue to reduce vehicle emissions requires more advanced sensing techniques. Guest expert Dr. Marek Wlodarczyk, president, Optrand Inc. explores existing technology approaches and discusses a direct measurement solution rapidly gaining acceptance for future vehicles. Watch Now

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Capaciticectomy? Sounds Awfully Painful!

In partnership with Analog Devices

There are a variety of things that could be wrong with the "circuits," but most likely there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the amplifier. With many high performance amplifiers, however you need to pay close attention to layout and bypassing. If ignored, you and your circuit could feel a little ill. Read More

Engineering Concept Conduit

In partnership with Digi-Key

Welcome to Engineering Concept Conduit, this site takes a look at the engineering challenges your peers faced and examines the components that solved those challenges. Find out how this translates to a concept you can implement immediately. Our first video features the functionality of the Omnimouse. Read More

Partnering with Iowa State's Institute for Physical Research and Technology

In partnership with Groschopp Inc.

Groschopp Inc. engineers and manufactures customized, high-reliability fractional horsepower electric motors and gear motors for some of the world's most demanding Original Equipment Manufacturers. Find out why the company has turned to IPRT Company Assistance to help it maintain its reputation for products of the highest quality. Read More

Design Tips For Engineers: The Finishing Touch

In partnership with Hydro Aluminum

Numerous finish options are available for aluminum extrusions and selecting a surface finish of an extruded component can be a critical design decision. During the extrusion process, a corrosion-resistant film forms on the surface that provides a durable protective barrier. Read More

Sensorless Field Oriented (FOC) Control for AC Induction Motors

In partnership with Microchip Technology Inc.

The requirement of low-cost, low-maintenance, robust electrical motors have resulted in the emergence of the AC Induction Motor (ACIM) as the industry leader. Learn how to apply sensorless field-oriented control of induction motors using a dsPIC(R) Digital Signal Controller (DSC) from Microchip Technology. Read More

Lean Thinking Drives Assembly Innovation

In partnership with Tinnerman

When a large Midwestern building manufacturer had a strong need to improve the way their product was assembled their thoughts immediately turned to the unfortunate potential for increased cost in solving their problem. Find out how Tinnerman helped create a cost effective fastening solution. Read More

Light Matters: Systems Level Approach to HBLED illumination applications

In partnership with Avnet

It's good practice to apply a systems-level approach to high-brightness LED (HBLED) illumination applications. Minimally, the system includes the optical, thermal and electrical characteristics of the of the HBLED, the lens (if any) which is built-in to its package, secondary optics such as external plastic lenses/reflectors to direct the light as your application requires and power driver electronics. Read More

Improve Innovation & Time-to-Market

In partnership with Dassault ENOVIA

Speed your innovation. Capture the "voice of the customer" and translate customers requests into user requirements that define new products. Find out why the new ENOVIA Requirements Management solution enables organizations to improve their overall global requirements management process. Read More

Direct Digital Manufacturing Aids Assembly Operations

Paris-to-Beijing Run to Spawn Bio-Realistic 3-D Foot Model

Freescale Draws Industry Heavies to Technical Forum

787 Power On Video

GE Develops Lightweight Metal Sheet for Aircraft Skins

Disney Rides on Wireless Ethernet

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