FTF 2008 Drives Sustainable Engineering

April 03, 2008

The Freescale Technology Forum is a little greener this year. Each forum in 2008 has a design challenge accompanying it — and the finalists’ prototypes, due May 16, will all be products that can benefit the environment.

Green design is an aspect of engineering possibly best fostered through competition. Driven by the importance of sustainability in future tools and technologies, competitions like the FTF challenge will in large part develop the sustainable systems we’ll rely on in the future. And each finalist announced seems, at least to me, promising — the list includes a flexible fuel engine control unit, a gas-saving automobile solution injection system, a clean water diverter and a sun light efficiency detector. It will be interesting to see how these technologies stack up against each other in a competition. Forum attendees will vote on the winning prototype, where I assume the major comparison point will be how beneficial each technology is to the environment. What sustainable engineering technologies do you think could have the most positive impact on the environment?

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