A friendly wager to Machine Design: Red Sox (v. Cleveland) in Six

October 10, 2007

I would like to propose a friendly wager to our chief rival, Machine Design magazine. As you know, the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians aka The Tribe square off in game one of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) on Friday night. Given we are based in Boston and Machine Design in Cleveland, I thought I’d propose the following: should the Red Sox lose, I will send a lobster dinner to my counterpart at Machine Design, who is Leland Teschler. I have never met Leland and I am counting on him being a good sport (and sportsfan, too).


Delusional folks in our own Cleveland office are already making noise about Cleveland winning the ALCS. This, of course, is a mere pipe dream. My Oracle says the chances of Cleveland winning the ALCS are one in a billion. Were I to give fair odds, Leland would have to pay me off with a mere pack of gum or equivalent. I mean look what our New England Patriots did to the Cleveland Browns last Sunday! And compare Boston to Cleveland. Wait a minute. That can’t be done - there is no comparison.


What sayeth you, Leland? And what Cleveland culinary delight can you offer me? Sox in six.

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