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May 01, 2012

Design News Editorial Staff

Suzanne Deffree , Editor-in-Chief
Chris Wiltz , Managing Editor
Charles J. Murray , Senior Editor, Electronics & Test
Rob Spiegel , Senior Editor, Design Harward & Sofware; Automation & Motion Control

Technical Specialties

Design Hardware & Software : Rob Spiegel
Electronics & Test: Charles J. Murray
Automation & Control/Fluid Power : Rob Spiegel
Materials & Assembly : Editorial Staff
Mechatronics: Chris Wiltz
Gadget Freak:  Chris Wiltz

Production Contacts
Production Director: Venkat Jayaraman

Advertising Services Coordinator: Al Schmidt
Webcast Production: Tanya Von Grumbkow

Website Services: support@designnews.com

REPRINT SERVICES: Wrights Media, Stephanie Levine , 281-419-5725

PRINT MEDIA KIT REQUSTS: Please contact your Design News Sales Representative or Assistant listed for your area.

DIRECT MAIL LIST RENTAL: Contact your Design News Sales Representative or Jennifer Felling at 203-778-8700.


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