9 Inventions Provide Frightful Fun for Halloween

  • What partygoer doesn’t want a photo taken in his or her Halloween costume? Well the Halloween Scream and Picture Taker obliges with a twist by taking a photo just at the moment it also scares someone with a frightening scream. The motion-activated device
  • Some people may want to give their guests a scare before they even enter the Halloween party, just for fun. Design News Contributing Writer Cabe Atwell’s Pi Halloween Effects Door, or “Scary Door,” allows them to do just that. The Pi-powered motion-activa
  • People coming to a Halloween party might want to make an entrance as unique as their costume. Matt Richardson’s Pi-powered doorbell features multiple sound effects that let guests chose how they’d like to make their entrance. The doorbell is a simple buil
  • Decorating Jack-o’-lanterns is a fun activity and a decorative addition to any Halloween party. Placing Drew Fustini’s Pumpkinpi inside a pumpkin provides illumination and audio to add a different dimension to the traditional Jack-o’-lantern. The device i
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Karaoke at a party? The Karaoke Machine can let guests show their talent and even save their performances for later viewing by recording it in a transferrable .wav file. The portable machine uses the PiFace Control and Display,
  • Jokes are always entertaining at a party, which is why the Joke Machine ensures you won’t run out of funny bits to say in conversation with other guests. The Pi-powered gadget runs through one-liners in 16 character increments, using the momentary buttons
  • Who doesn’t like a good Halloween party? But one thing that can sink any party is not getting drinks to your thirsty guests fast enough. The
  • Party games can be provide entertainment at a Halloween party. The Build a Board Game with Raspberry Pi uses the Raspberry Pi Model B+ extra GPIO pins to connect a number of touch-sensitive elements to the standard “Snakes and Ladders” board. The board is
  • Dancing also is an essential party activity, and the Pi-powered Dance Dance Revolution -- based on the game of the same name -- can help entice guests on the dance floor. There are two parts to the invention: a craft arcade-style controller for Street Fig

Halloween isn't just a time for creative costumes. Thanks to the element14 online design community, the holiday this year also brings us a number of creative electronic device design ideas aimed at making your Halloween party a unique experience.

The community sponsored a Halloween Pi Project and asked engineers to come up with Halloween-themed devices based on the Raspberry Pi computer platform. Element14 shared the results with Design News.

The designs are varied but are generally party-oriented, giving people different ways to provide music, entertainment, decoration, tongue-in-cheek frights, or even serve drinks at their Halloween parties.

Click on the photo below to see a slideshow of some of the entries of the contest. An element14 Web page also features videos showing how each invention works.

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