6 Innovative Plastics For Cars, Lighting & Building

The grab bag of plastic and rubber materials featured in this new product slideshow includes polyamides, polycarbonates, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic compounds, fiber-reinforced polypropylene compounds, gasketing resins, silicone encapsulants, and a polyimide aerogel.

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Several of these new products are aimed at lighting applications or automotive uses. The rest are for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, RF and radar, automotive, and building materials. Some are structural materials, such as for interior car parts and gear wheels, while others are encapsulants or insulators.

Ann R. Thryft is senior technical editor, materials & assembly, for Design News. She's been writing about manufacturing- and electronics-related technologies for 25 years, covering manufacturing materials & processes, alternative energy, machine vision, and all kinds of communications.

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