5 Augmented Reality Suppliers to Watch in 2017: Page 3 of 5

Augmented reality (AR) isn't just for games. Here are five companies looking to bring AR into enterprise, including the factory and beyond.

3.) Ngrain

Canada-based Ngrain is aiming to be an enabler for AR applications. Company's Producer Pro software is an automated platform for managing, producing, and deploying AR experiences without the need for coding or 3D graphics experience. Customers can create content for maintenance and assembly applications and upload it to a mobile app.

The company's name comes from the idea of treating models as though they are made of grains of sand. Ngrain's software utilizes a proprietary engine captures numerous, granular 3D data points of an object (voxels, the 3D equivalent of pixels) in order to create a detailed, 3D model that can then be delivered via the software. From there users can use AR glasses, tablet, or other wearable display to examine a virtual simulation of the object in a real-time environment.


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