5 Augmented Reality Suppliers to Watch in 2017: Page 2 of 5

Augmented reality (AR) isn't just for games. Here are five companies looking to bring AR into enterprise, including the factory and beyond.

2.) OPS Solutions

Michigan-based OPS Solutions is bringing AR into manufacturing assembly, training, inspection, and quality control with its Light Guide Systems (LGS). The LGS is a system that overlays interactive projections onto any object placed underneath it. The projections provide cues, instructions, and even error checking and the system is capable of recognizing objects and the user's hand movements in order to ensure tasks are being completed correctly.

The LGS can guide a worker through a task step by step as it's being performed and eliminate the need for printed work instructions or computer screens and can also ensure workers do not miss key steps in an assembly or maintenance process.

The company has also recently announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard on its Light Guide Pro System, a more compact version that runs on a HP Sprout Pro PC and is targeted at office, hospital, and home use.

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