Google Pixel XL Teardown: Going Toe-to-Toe With iPhone: Page 2 of 2

the button with no mechanical parts) in the form of a linear oscillator that simulates tactile feedback by vibrating a magnetic core between two springy metals. An X-ray on iFixit's site shows the two working side by side, but in the end the Taptic Engine appears to be much more sophisticated and versatile. Apple has even released an API for the Taptic Engine to allow developers to create their own forms of haptic feedback for applications.

Overall the Pixel XL's modular design earned it some points from the iFixit team but issues opening the device resulted in a reparability score of 6/10 (slightly worse than the iPhone 7, which earned a 7/10).

Watch a video summary of the teardown below and view the full teardown on the  iFixit website. 

Chris Wiltz is the Managing Editor of Design News 

[All images courtesy of iFixit]

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