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Dual-power electric grill

Dual-power electric grill

With no starter fluid, pressurized gas, or gas storage, electric grills offer convenience, safety, and less pollution. But a 120V, 15A circuit (i.e. 1,800W) limits power and size. The Dual Power High Performance Electric Outdoor Grill (300 sq. inch size) combines a 1,800W, self-contained rechargeable dc battery with 1,800W supplied from a 120V ac electrical wall outlet to double the power.

Combining an ac power source with a dc source delivers 200% more heat than current electric grills.

By increasing battery and charger capacity, the Dual Power technology can be scaled up for larger grills. So a 400 sq-inch grill produces 4,500W, and a 500 sq-inch grill supplies 5,400W. With closely spaced heating elements 1/2-inch below the grilling grate, the heat is more even than in gas grills. The front ac and rear dc elements achieve surface temperatures of approximately 1,100F.

Ten minutes after plugging it in, hitting the main power switch, and turning the burner controls to high, it's ready to sizzle. Grill for 1 hr with maximum heat, or indefinitely at lower temperatures. When the grill is off, the batteries automatically recharge.

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