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Computer Productivity Tools

Article-Computer Productivity Tools

Computer Productivity Tools

Machining software

PowerMILL 3.1 machining software is designed to offer five-axis toolpaths to or through a point or to or from a line. According to the company, automatic tilt angle adjustment is used for lead and lag to create better gouge-free, cutting conditions. A reference surface displays the contact point of the cutter, avoiding collisions.

Delcam; Enter 606

CAD software

ViewCafe 2.0, powered by Java 2 and Java 3D technology, provides viewing and manipulation of 3D CAD models, and markup capabilities for more than 150 raster, vector, office, and CAD formats. The software features 11 languages, a new text search tool, and new file format support. It is compatible with Microsoft's Windows(TM) XP operating system.

Spicer Corp., Enter 607

VoIP processor

The MT92210 is a TDM-to-IP network processor, designed to use balanced hardware/software architecture for 1,000 full-duplex voice channel conversion to IP packets. The MT92220 device provides TDM-to-IP and voice-over asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) conversion on a single chip. It reportedly converts 1,000 full-duplex voice channels to IP packets or ATM adaption layer type 2 (AAL2) voice traffic.

Zarlink Semiconductor, Enter 608

Collaborative design

OneSpace 2002 Solution Suite combines four solutions-SolidDesigner, WorkManager, ME10 and OneSpace-into one design program. Solution features new modules offering personal, project, and enterprise collaboration; electronic establishment and management of engineering projects; mold assembly design; and three direct links to NC solutions.

Co-Create Software, Enter 609

Notebook computer

ThinkPad(R) A30p notebook computer, certified for CATIA Version 5, is designed for mobility. CATIA users can reportedly share product designs seamlessly throughout their supply chain locations. According to the company, the new notebook computer uses the ATI Mobility Radeon graphic processor for high 3D graphics performance.

Dassault Systemes; Enter 610


The 1 GHz mobile AMD Duron(TM) processor uses AMD PowerNow! Technology, intended to extend battery life without sacrificing performance in multimedia and office productivity applications. It includes a high-speed 200 MHz front-side bus, cache architecture with 192 KB total on-chip cache and data pre-fetch, and superscalar floating point unit.

AMD, Enter 611


The company's interactive whiteboard, the In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board 2860, is made to save meeting room space and simplify in-wall installation. The product includes a SMART Mirror Stand, a 72-inch SMART Board(TM) with uniform light distribution, and a NEC MT1050 projector with a short-throw lens. Whiteboard includes a touch-sensitive surface and a SMART pen, to highlight and write over applications.

SMART Technologies Inc., Enter 612

LCD monitor

The CML171 17-inch LCD monitor is designed with thin film transistor (TFT) Technology for home, corporate, business, and SOHO uses. With 230-nit brightness, the monitor reports a prime resolution of 1280 x 1024, with a 300:1 contrast ratio. The front bezel has built-in speakers and a microphone, and also has an auto-adjust function for image changes.

Hitachi America, Enter 613

3D software

Cadsoft Build Version 6.0 and APDesign Version 11.0 create 3D computer models, used to build residential and light commercial buildings. Build 6.0 works independently, employing Autodesk's AutoCAD software. APDesign 11.0 is intended as an additional option for AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, and 2002 users.

Cadsoft Corporation, Enter 614

Software cleaner

Discreet cleaner 5.1 creates streaming video and audio for the web through high quality transcoding of video and digital content formats. The cleaner transcoding software works with Windows(R) Media 8 codecs, RealSystem 8.5.1 codecs, Sorenson Video(R) 3 Professional, and Apple(R) QuickTime(R) content.

Autodesk Inc., Enter 615

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