13 Halloween Gadgets to Frighten Up Devil’s Night

From pouncing spiders to scary animation on your windows, get the gadgets that frighten trick-or-treaters.
  • Halloween gadgets

    Welcome to this year's collection of Halloween gadgets. We looked acrosss many Halloween prop producers to find this varied collection of gore and fright.

    The prices for these horror props is varied as well, with some going for less than $40, while others pop into the stratosphere above $10,000.

    Also, check out the links to past articles on Halloween gadgets below. Some are commercial products like those in this list, while others have appeared as build-it-yourself creations as past Design News DIY Gadget Freak entrees.

    Image courtesy of HauntedProps.

  • Halloween gadgets, pouncing spiders

    Amazing Pouncing Spiders

    Hide these jumping spiders in the dark by your front porch or door. Your quests will jump in fright as these spiders pounce. Sensing motion and sound, these spiders are quiet in their webs, waiting to jump when someone approaches. With fiery LED eyes, strange sounds, and sudden pouncing, these are the arachnids will frighten visitors. $50 at Home Depot.

  • Halloween gadgets, window animation

    Spooky Window Animator

    This Window FX Projector Display Kit creates animated scenes on your windows, from angry pumpkins to ghosts. Simply place the screen provided onto the inside of your window, point the projector at it, and play one of the 12 digitally animated videos that come with the kit. A remote makes it easy to manipulate as guests arrive. $69 at Home Depot

  • Halloween gadgets, gaseous fog ghoul

    Gaseous Fog Ghoul

    This ghoul spews fog. The ghoul is designed to hook up to any fog machine. Once connected, he spits fog from his gnarled teeth. The ghoul is available from SpiritHalloween for $40. Fog fluid for $19.99 and a fog machine for $79.99 are sold separately.

  • Halloween gadgets, demon animatronic

    6’ Demon Animatronic

    With its twisted hands, sharp teeth, and demonic horns, this fiend truly is a creature of nightmares. If you get too close, the demon’s eyes will light up as it springs to life with threatening movements, bright red eyes, and a vocabulary of scary lines. $200 at SpiritHalloween.

  • Halloween gadgets, alien capsule

    6’ Alien Capsule

    What’s lurking in the mysterious capsule? Take a closer look and you’ll see the alien’s horrifying face. People will jump as they see it trapped in this intergalactic prison. To make things even more eerie, simply attach a fog machine (not included) and watch as the alien is hidden behind a cloud of fog. $160 at SpiritHalloween.

  • Halloween gadgets, scary clown

    Scary 5’ Clown with Moving Eyes

    Everyone loves a clown, right? Not so much any longer. Stephen King’s It put an end to that – if American Horror Story hadn’t already destroyed the fun of clowning. This animated hanging frightening circus clown comes with moving LED eyes, chimes and moans. Battery operated. $35 at Amazon.

  • Halloween gadgets, vortex tunnel

    Vortex Tunnel

    If you’re willing to spend $14,000, you can take your guests into another dimension with the Vortex Tunnel display. This spooky, fully automated portal actually rotates so trick-or-treaters will feel like they’re entering the Twilight Zone. Additional effects can be made extra special (and extra queasy) with 3D glasses. From HauntedProps.

  • Halloween gadgets, bone chillers DVD

    Bone Chillers DVD

    This digital décor is frightfully entertaining. Watch skeletons and reapers come alive on your own wall. The Bone Chillers DVD includes multiple display modes and is recommended for projection of a wall or window, or you can play on your TV or monitor. Soundtrack is included. Can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The effects loop continuously. $40 from HauntedProps.

  • Halloween gadgets, hanging flame lights

    12 Hanging Flame Lights

    Twelve pieces that are designed to look just like real flaming bowls. Great accent for a haunted house or to light a scary path for Halloween visitors. 8-inch bowls. AC adapter included. $149 from HauntedProps.

  • Halloween gadgets, bucket of somebody

    Bucket of Somebody

    What is that in the corner? OMG, it looks like a bucket of...EWWWW!  This small metal bucket of gory fleshy bits and small body parts is pure gross-out. Each one is individually hand-made and no two are exactly alike. $31 at HauntedProps.

  • Halloween gadgets, computer controlled flying ghost

    Computer Controlled Flying Ghost

    Cable/pulley flyline system allows ghostly characters to fly between two points over 100’. Cables are DC curren- energized, facilitating characters to have LED lit eyes as they travel. System includes: dc motor/speed controls, limit switches, mounts, cables, and character of choice. $6,000 at HauntedProps.

  • Halloween gadgets, scarecrow on swing

    6' Animatronic Scarecrow on a Swing

    This creepy and playful scarecrow will surprise your visitors with his evil laugh and ghoulishly humorous sayings. Hang him on your porch or other sheltered area around your home. He's fully animatronic and step pad compatible. Swinging Scarecrow Animatronics is $200 at SpiritHalloween.

  • Halloween gadgets, skel-a-gnome


    This 19-inch skeleton gnome will guard your walkway on Devil’s Night. A female version is also available, as well as a married zombie couple. Available at Amazon for $30.

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October 23, 2017

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