Sony Drops a Former Best-Seller

February 17, 2003

It's no secret that the market's been flattening for CRT monitors. Now, we hear that Sony will stop making 17- and 19-inch CRTs on March 31, while increasing its production of LCD screens. Sony could no longer charge premiums in a market where margins have largely disappeared, so it's expanding its LCD line. Declining prices and improved performance in LCD flat panels mean CRTs are only sold on price. "The only future for CRTs is in newly developing countries were price is key," says Barry Young, vice president at DisplaySearch, an Austin, Texas, research firm. CRTs outsold LCDs by more than 2:1 last year, but next year, DisplaySearch predicts LCD sales will surpass CRTs. But even Sony feels there's still some life in CRTs-the company will still make 21- and 24-inch CRTs used for graphics and other applications.

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