Coming soon: better data compression

April 22, 2002

Peter St. George believes he has discovered a better way to compress digital data. And now he's trying to find a way of implementing his mathematical breakthrough through a "BinaryAccelerator." The President of ZeoSync Corp. compresses data by reducing the expression of random information sequences. Existing compression technologies depend on mapping and encoding of redundant mathematical structures, which are limited in application to single-pass reduction. The current technologies that enable compression for data transmission and storage are limited to compression ratios of ten to one. But St. George expects compression ratios of a hundred to one when his BinaryAccelerator is fully developed. His approach involves the manipulation of binary information and includes advancement of fractals, wavelets, sub-band cooling, and acoustic compression. "By significantly reducing the size of data strings, we envision products that will reduce the cost of communication," says St. George. For more information, call ZeoSync at (561) 640-8464.

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