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July 26 - Day 1 – Clocking the RP2040

Webinar Information
Start Date: Jul 26, 2021 - 06:00 PM UTC

The RP2040 houses a number of clocks and associated PLLs that must be configured and properly started. In today’s lecture we will assemble some RP2040 hardware and use Embedded Studio to create and code an RP2040 project to enable the RP2040’s internal clocks. We will verify the success and accuracy of our clock-enable code using a Saleae Logic Pro 16. Once all of the RP2040 clocks are up and running, we will write some code to enable the RP2040’s SysTick timer. Enabling the SysTick timer will allow us to implement delays, which we will use to drive a square wave out of a GPIO pin and subsequently blink an LED on the Raspberry Pi Pico.