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BURNDY LLC's BONDIT Intersystem Bonding Connector / BDT-1

BURNDY LLC's BONDIT Intersystem Bonding Connector / BDT-1

The BONDIT complies with a new change in the National Electric Code (NEC) that requires that all intersystem devices (phone, cable TV, etc.) be bonded to one common ground rod. The BONDIT joins up to four intersystem grounding wires to the Ground Electrode Conductor (GEC), which runs from the main ground rod to the service enclosure. The novelty of this product is in the assembly of component parts. It demonstrates that a highly functional, low-cost connector can be designed by using mainly off-the-shelf components. This is not only referring to the screws, washers and rivets, but also to the BURNDY(R) connectors, (BURDNY(R) SERVIT PostTM, for example) that were incorporated into the design. The BONDIT is the only intersystem bonding connector which can capture the GEC inside the service enclosure and leave a four-port neutral bar outside. This ensures that electricians installing subsequent intersystem devices do not have to open the enclosure to connect the intersystem grounding wires to the BONDIT. The BONDIT is also the only intersystem bonding connector that can be installed either as previously described or directly mounted to an exterior wall. In some regions, the GEC is required to be enclosed in PVC pipe, inaccessible from outside of the service enclosure; the BONDIT can be used in either situation.

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