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IN BRIEF: Test, Measurement, and Control

Article-IN BRIEF: Test, Measurement, and Control

IN BRIEF: Test, Measurement, and Control

The Thermochron iButton, from Dallas Semiconductor, is the first single-chip time and temperature logging device that is submersible, dirt- and impact-resistant, and Internet ready upon delivery, claims the company. In a 16-mm stainless-steel iButton form factor, the self-powered Thermochron can function either as a standalone instrument as it roams with its object or it can be networked to interact with audio/visual indicators, displays, handheld, or notebook computers, and Internet web pages so data can be viewed anywhere.

PACS (Programmable Automatic Contour System) uses non-contact laser-based measuring sensors to profile surface points. PACS is used to measure gas turbine airfoils for aircraft engines and related industrial applications. The LMI Selcom industrial sensors handle surface reflectivity with built-in, automated gain control, which automatically compensates sensor operation for any surface reflectivity changes over a range of 100,000 to 1.

PCI1334 intelligent synchronous WAN communications adapter from Performance Technologies Inc., provides four high performance channels capable of interfacing to T1 routers, DSC/CSUs, Frame Relay access devices, high-speed modems, and other high-speed communications devices.

FALCON-FT (Fuel And Lubricant Condition by Fourier-Transform infrared technology) analytical instrument rapidly monitors the oil and lubricant condition in transport vehicles and large stationary machinery. MIDAC Co. claims it is the first truly portable instrument of its type that can provide industry standard analysis for oils and lubricants. The FALCON-FT can monitor the degradation of fresh oils and lubricants in machinery and engines, and provide analysis results for water, soot, glycol, nitration, and custom applications.

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