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In Brief: Plastics, metals, and other materials

In Brief: Plastics, metals, and other materials

HeatPath(R) GTQ 1502 gel from Raychem Corp. uses an improved material formulation to meet the UL94 VO flammability standards for electronic equipment, the company says. The gel is for thermal management of sensitive components, microprocessors, and power devices used in consumer electronics, such as amplifiers and telecommunications equipment.

Alcryn(R) melt-processable rubber (MPRTM) from Advanced Polymer Alloys requires lower injection pressures, offers knit line features, and provides good flow characteristics that result in a more uniform finish, the company says. The rubber does not require vulcanization, pre-drying, or any compounding prior to processing. Additionally, scrap can be recycled over and over with no detrimental effect on performance or appearance, the company adds.

Duratron(R) XP high-purity polyimide from DSM Engineering Plastic Products Inc. has low levels of ionic impurities. All metal impurities are controlled to be less than 1 ppm. Duratron XP also exhibits low outgassing when tested in accordance with ASTM E595; total material loss (TML) after 24 hours at 125C and a vacuum of 10-5 Hg is less than 1%; and 0.00% collected volatile condensable material (CVCM).

Hivalloy resin from Montell North America features exceptional low-temperature impact and weathering performance compared to many traditional engineering thermoplastics, the company says. The resin also displays chemical and moisture resistance, low mold shrinkage, and low density. Applications include recreational and automotive ones, such as use in lower "B" pillar posts that house side airbags.

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