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IN BRIEF: Fluid Power

Article-IN BRIEF: Fluid Power

IN BRIEF: Fluid Power

In-line filter valves from Ark-Plas Products remove most visible particulates in aqueous solutions and gas streams. The valves' inner diameters range from 1/8 to 3/8 inch. The ISO-registered manufacturer offers filter valve housings in Nylon and Polypropylene with either 100- or 200-mesh stainless-steel filters or 45- to 130-micron Polyethylene filters.

The 7CP is a 2000-psi pump from Cat Pumps that is suitable for belt-drive, direct-drive, and clutch-drive operation. The manifold head is forged from high-strength brass. Its plungers are made from solid ceramic that is hardened and polished. Seal cases press in for easy service. The pump reaches speeds of 1,725 rpm and has a 24-mm shaft size. The 7CP weighs 40 lbs.

The HazEx line of solenoid valves from Burkert Controlomatic are safe in Class I, II, and III, Division 1 and 2 locations. They are compatible with Groups A, B, C, and D materials. Standard features include completely encapsulated T4- and T6-rated coils and explosion-proof electrical conduit connections. The valves are available as 2/2- and 3/2-way types; internally piloted 3/2-, 4/2-, and 5/2-way types; and with a choice of a pivoted armature.

Schedule 40 PVC fittings from New Age Industries are clear and allow viewing of fluids transferred in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical applications, and chemical processing. The fittings comply with FDA standards for use with food contact surfaces and are flame retardant and non-conductive.

The Varilock series of gas cylinders from Suspa Inc. are lockable. The adjustable cylinders have valves at the end of the pistons that control locking. Types 28-1 and 18-1 locate the release control at the end of the tube. All cylinders allow either rigid or cushioning action when locked.

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