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IN BRIEF: Fastening, joining, and assembly

IN BRIEF: Fastening, joining, and assembly

The 4E98 single-component epoxy from Permabond for medical devices provides quick, low-temperature cure for bonding heat-sensitive substrates, the company says. The epoxy adhesive cures within five to 60 minutes, at temperatures ranging from 120 to 80C. The epoxy provides structural strength in bonding needles, scalpels, and other metallic surgical instruments.

Single and double hubs from Scot Forge are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 80,000 lb. The company also produces tooled forgings in multi-diameter hub shapes using the open-die process, and can supply a single piece or high quantities in either ferrous or nonferrous materials. Scot Forge can produce simple to complex hub forgings to near-net shape, the company says.

Vadnais Technologies has developed a way to wind precision coils for the medical industry. Coil diameters are available as small as 0.003 inch, with medical-grade materials, round or shaped. Tolerances are to 0.0002 inch for diameter and pitch. Capabilities include drive cables, multifilar implant coils for pacemakers and defibrillator leads, guidewire and catheter coils, wind-coated wires, and coils with variable stiffness.

SP-110 SUR-PAK low-maintenance pouch dispenser from AZCO Corp. inserts medium-sized pouched products up to 60g in weight into another packaging operation at a rate of 300 pouches/min. The dispenser compliments the company's small pouch dispensing unit, and offers the packaging industry an inserter capable of handling pouches up to 4 inches wide and 3/8 inch thick, the company says.

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