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IN BRIEF: Computer productivity tools

IN BRIEF: Computer productivity tools

  • ANSYS 5.5 CAE software from ANSYS Europe features surface-to-surface contact, flexible-to-flexible contact, self-contacting surfaces, friction and frictionless surfaces, and topological optimization. The quadrilateral morphing surface mesher is an automatic, general-surface mesher for both 2D and 3D surfaces.

  • SolidParts 1.0 fastener library from SolidPartners isfor SolidWorks CAD users and includes 7,000 configurations of more than 40 standard screws, PEMs, nuts, washers, and holes. The library allows the user to insert a fastener by simply dragging and dropping the desired fastener from the feature palette, and then selecting the configuration on the Configurations tab. All of the library's parts and features are modeled in standard U.S. and metric sizes.

  • TrendWorXTM32 SQL from ICONICS Inc. is an OLE for Process Control (OPC)-compliant historical data access trending and data historian software product for the process control industry. The software logs and queries data directly to and from native Microsoft SQL Server(R) databases. In addition, Trend WorX32 SQL includes Microsoft Visual Basic(R) for Applications (VBA).

  • ComLinkTM Version 2.0 from Performance Technologies Inc. is a Wide Area Networking (WAN) communications software module the module facilitates a transparent, Plug 'n Play(R) link between the company's high-performance WAN synchronous communications controllers and SunLink(R), a comprehensive suite of WAN communications protocols.

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