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In Brief

In Brief

SolderPlus paste solder from EFD Inc. is an alternative to single-point soldering in wire harness assembly operations, the company says. SolderPlus is a tacky blend of flux-coated alloy particles that can be applied to every contact in advance, then heated individually or batch-reflowed with any standard method to produce strong, reliable electrical connections every time, the company adds.

CHO-VER SHIELDTM EMI shielding covers from Chomerics are for shielding cellular handsets, PCS, and other small packages. The covers combine a slim-profile, metallized plastic with a low-closure force conductive elastomer gasket. CHO-VER SHIELD can be used to shield selected portions of a pc board.

Workholding and automation components from Fairlane Products Inc. include Swivots(R) ball units, hard-metric Swivots, mini Swivots, and rest pads. Swivots swivel-action ball unit modular workholding components improve part positioning and holding in pneumatic, manual, and hydraulic clamping devices.

The smartEDDY(R) cylinder liner inspection system from SE Systems Inc. detects flaws while measuring the inside and outside diameters of both rough and final machined liners. This fully automatic, non-destructive system takes individual liners from a conveyor track and places them on a turntable that rotates at 200 rpm.

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