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Beswick Engineering's Miniature Motorized Needle Valve/ MNV-1010-303

Beswick Engineering's Miniature Motorized Needle Valve/ MNV-1010-303

Beswick Engineering now offers a miniature, motor controlled needle valve. The MNV-1010-303 is ideal for applications which require precise flow or pressure control in a limited space. This motor controlled needle valve offers excellent control due to a high reduction drive mechanism and low angle valve needle. The valve is suitable for control of flow rates or pressures and in operation remains stable even when subjected to wide temperature fluctuations. Manufactured in corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel, a variety of seal materials and weighing only 32 gm the MNV-1010-303 sets an industry standard for miniature precision control valves. The MNV-1010-303 miniature motorized needle valve is unique due to its small size, precise metering control and O-ring seal construction. With an installed height just over 2 A.50 inch the MNV-1010-303 aids designers where space is limited. The MNV-1010-303 has a valve orifice of .030 inches, high resolution gear drive and highly tapered valve needle for tight control of demanding flow and pressure applications. Standard O-ring materials are Nitrile, (Buna-N), Viton, EPDM and Silicone. Other seal materials are available upon request. In the future, the MNV-1010-303 will be offered with a built in controller to allow discrete control of flow rates and pressures. The MNV-1010-303 is unique in the fluid power industry because of its operating pressures, accurate metering and resistance to aggressive fluids. This valve is capable of operating with inlet pressure up to 500 psi. The MNV-1010-303 has superior stability in operation due to its temperature compensating design. The valve remains stable during temperature fluctuations because the internal components are designed to negate the effects of temperature changes and are fabricated from the same material. The MNV-1010-303 is normally constructed of 303 stainless steel but is also available in 316 stainless steel for even greater corrosion resistance.

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