AI Transforming Battery Design and Testing

Battery Show Europe sessions show rapid ramp-up of AI tools for battery engineering.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

May 31, 2024

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AI is coming to this year's Battery Show Europe.
Battery Show Europe 2024 will have several sessions discussing AI in battery design and testing.Informa

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made their mark in many technology sectors, and batteries are no exception.  At this year’s Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart Germany, from June 18th through 20th, several sessions will discuss how AI is being used in the design, simulation, and testing of batteries as well as analyzing battery data.

AI is now being leveraged to help the battery industry overcome a perceived or real dearth of human expertise in the battery industry. A session titled,  AI-Powered Battery Assistants: Exponentially Scaling Battery Know-How, looks at innovative strategies to scale battery knowledge through AI. Lukas Lutz, co-founder at Sphere Energy, will elaborate on how AI-powered virtual battery assistants can transform the industry, using examples such as simulation, virtual data treatment, and innovation scouting.

Another session, titled AI-powered BMS for Better, Safer, and Greener Batteries, discusses AI applications in critical battery management systems functions such as an edge-to-cloud RUL that uses AI to predict SOH trajectories for each cell in a battery-electric vehicle. The talk will present several examples of real-world applications and deployments for AI in managing batteries.

AI-assisted Testing

AI is also playing a role in all-important battery testing. Richard Ahlfield, CEO of Monolith, will discuss in a session titled Safer, More Reliable Batteries – Faster: Expediting Battery Development With AI-guided Testing how companies are leveraging data to develop safer, more reliable electric vehicle batteries. Ahlfield will discuss how existing testing datasets can be harnessed by machine learning to empower engineers to develop effective solutions. He will also talk about using AI to identify optimal performance parameters, eliminating the need for trial-and-error and expediting breakthroughs to market.

In an Open Tech forum session, a presentation titled Driving Innovation through Battery Simulation will examine the role of battery simulation at various scales.  The talk will explore the transformative power of battery simulation, unlocking new dimensions in research, development, and production. It will look at how the fusion of AI and digital processes will help generate scalable, efficient, and certifiable battery solutions.

Another Open Tech forum session, Optimizing Battery Development and Quality Control through Data Integration and AI, discusses the battery quality-assurance process from R&D to production through precise evaluation of parameters affecting performance and efficiency. It will examine the often fragmented physical, chemical, and structural data acquired through various devices and how this affects development and manufacturing.

More information on Battery Show Europe, including a complete list of sessions, can be found here.


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