White House Eyes Chevy Volt

April 7, 2010

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White House Eyes Chevy Volt

At a press conference at Edwards Air Force Base last week, President Obama said that the White House will buy the first 100 plug-in hybrids to reach the market. Presumably, those plug-ins will all be Chevy Volts.

            GM-Volt.com reported that Obama said his administration will “purchase the first 100 plug-in electric vehicles to roll off American assembly lines.”

            The web site quoted Obama as saying, “We’re going to lead by example and practice what we preach: cutting waste, saving energy, and reducing our reliance on foreign oil.”

            The Chevy Volt, due to hit the streets at the end of 2010, would allow commuters to travel 40 miles on electricity before using gasoline to recharge the batteries.

            Obama reportedly also promised that his administration would put forward loan guarantees to break ground on America’s first new nuclear facility in three decades, thus providing the electricity needed for the expected influx of electric cars.

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