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Engineering Solutions by Design News Talks BMW’s Discovery That it Is Possible to Help Users too Much

Dan Carney, BMW Copy of Headshot Template (10).png
Dr. Claus Dorrer, BMW's Head of Department for User Design Interaction
User testing revealed to BMW the limitations of making selections easier for users, so they added the option of a "confirm" button.

BMW's iDrive interface for its cars' infotainment systems and vehicle controls debuted somewhat controversially 20 years ago. Since that time, the software has gone through seven revamps. With the upcoming debut of the BMW iX and i4 EVs, BMW will introduce the eighth generation of that software. Over two decades, the company has learned a lot about drivers' preferences as it has polished iDrive into the system we see today. 

It has made progress through the relentless testing of new ideas with users. So when programmers made the system automatically accept new settings selected by the driver, without the need for a click of "OK" to confirm, some users were confused during testing. BMW's solution? Let it work automatically, and also provide the choice of clicking on a confirmation to ease concerns of potentially confused drivers.


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