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10 Best Family Cars for Going Over the River and Through the Woods

No matter the tension that might strike at the dinner table, these cars can make your family's ride to Thanksgiving totally relaxing.

Thanksgiving this year has the potential to be the first large family gathering in a while for many extended families. Of course, the news of the day presents the potential for some tense discussions between the pumpkin pie and kickoff for the Cowboys game.

No matter the possible discomfort at the actual event, your immediate family's travel to Thanksgiving dinner can be more comfortable than ever thanks to continuing attention to the amenities that families appreciate while traveling by car.

For one thing, travel probably won't be in a "car" in the traditional sense. No more packing 'em in three abreast in an invitation to territorial disputes because now families travel in SUVs and family vans with multiple rows of seats that provide ample space to keep the peace.

And the in-car electronics ensure the availability of a variety of entertainment options to minimize squirming and boredom by passengers.

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