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Composite profiles reduce bus emissions in Finland

Composite profiles reduce bus emissions in Finland
The components are employed in electric buses plying the streets of the capital Helsinki.

Exel Composites has supplied Chinese bus and coach manufacturer Yutong with fiberglass profiles for 33 electric buses which have been delivered to Helsinki, Finland. The introduction of the electric buses is part of the country’s goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For 2030, the EU commission has set a target for Finland to reduce GHG emissions from transport by 50% compared to 2005.

Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Exel designs and manufactures some of the largest and most complex carbon fiber and fiberglass composite profiles on the market. The fiberglass panels delivered to Yutong were manufactured in China and included the skirt and side panels for the electric buses. Yutong delivered the buses to the Finnish bus and road operator, Pohjolan Liikenne. We are continuing to work with Yutong to develop and manufacture composite solutions for their vehicles.

The delivery of the electric buses marks Yutong’s entry into the Finnish market. This is also the largest volume of buses that Finland has purchased from overseas. Finland aims to have 400 electric buses operating in the capital by 2025.

“Light weight fiberglass was important to this project as it reduces operating costs, and helps to increase energy efficiency and that helps improve environmental sustainability,” explained Olli Tevä, SVP, Sales and Marketing, at Exel. “Additionally, our composite profiles resist deformation and corrosion from the harsh road environments typical in Finnish winters. Repairing fiberglass is straightforward and can be done in the depot. This means that the overall lifetime operational and maintenance costs of the buses are decreased.”

Exel is a global manufacturer with production plants in six countries. Its composites help reduce weight, improve performance, and decrease total life cycle costs, all while helping increase energy efficiencies and supporting environmental sustainability.

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