SUV + Wagon = Vizon

July 06, 2001

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Cadillac introduced Vizon, a cross between a sport-utility vehicle
and a station wagon, at the North American International Auto show. With this
car, Cadillac is expanding our vocabulary by referring to Vizon as an all-wheel
drive luxury activity vehicle.

"The Vizon concept is an alternative to conventional sport
utilities and wagons, offering their best features in one vehicle," says Wayne
Cherry, vice-president, GM design and portfolio centers.

The Vizon wheel base 119.4 inches. Overall length is 191.4 inches with width
measuring 70.9 inches. It's height is 64.2 inches. Vizon's unitized body/chassis
is made from steel. Its suspension is a front high arm SLA, rear independent

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