Our 15 Favorite Custom Ducati Scramblers

Vote for your own favorite custom builds in Ducati's contest.
  • RM001 by Jean-Michel Pierron. Image source: Ducati

  • Ximong Scrambler by Le Nguyen. Image source: Ducati

  • Itchy1961 by Nattapat Janyapanich. Image source: Ducati

  • Roasted to Perfection by Mauro Vedovello. Image source: Ducati

  • Super Hooligan by Ming Ly. Image source: Ducati

  • This 1100 by Poorich Timpratoom. Image source: Ducati

  • Scrambler1 by Mark Kelley. Image source: Ducati

  • Scramble 2.0 by Pini Goldman. Image source: Ducati

  • Scramber Van der Colff by Constant Van der Colff. Image source: Ducati

  • Argo 803 by Francesco Russo. Image source: Ducati

  • Scrambler 1100 Sport FT by Marco Graziani. Image source: Ducati

  • Barceloca by Nick Tansley. Image source: Ducati

  • BRKT Street Tracker by Tom Zipprian. Image source: Ducati

  • Scrambler Cafe Racer by Ducati Hellas. Image source: Ducati

  • Ridethescrambler by Enzo Savignani. Image source: Ducati

Ducati has challenged fans of its popular Scrambler motorcycles to devise their own customized versions, and bike lovers are voting online for the best of these creations. We've curated 15 of our favorites, but there are 74 to choose from on the contest site , where you can help pick the best customized Scrambler.

Dan Carney is a Design News senior editor, covering automotive technology, engineering and design, especially emerging electric vehicle and autonomous technologies.

February 27, 2020

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