The 2021 Jaguar F-Type is a fresh-faced cat

The classic British sports car company turns away from the past with a fully forward-looking update to its two-seater.
  • When Jaguar introduced the F-Type sports car in 2013, it was intended as a modern design, but it was also still referencing the classic E-Type of the 1960s, so some of the old car's flavor carried over. 2013 was a long time ago now, so Jaguar has decided the time is right to leave the past in the rear view mirror and reorient the F-Type to a fully contemporary design.

    LED headlight technology has significantly influenced the design of cars since the F-Type was styled. So the most obvious change in the new F-Type's "face" is the old, almost traditional "eyes" above the front cutline are gone, replaced by narrow slits beneath a line that becomes a furrowed brow. 

    Click through the slide show to see all of the other changes to the car and watch the videos below to see the new styling in motion.

Dan Carney is a Design News senior editor, covering automotive technology, engineering and design, especially emerging electric vehicle and autonomous technologies.


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