Flexxbotics Provides Robot Compatibility with Cognex Machine Vision

The Flexxbotics FlexxCORE technology enables the robots to securely connect and communicate with Cognex equipment.

Rob Spiegel

June 3, 2024

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robot systems integrated with vision systems
Flexxbotics and Cognex

At a Glance

  • Cognex vision includes vision sensors, vision systems, and 3D vision systems.
  • The robots receive closed-loop feedback on inspection results.
  • With in-line inspection, fleets of robots can achieve continuous unattended operations.

Flexxbotics, a company that offers workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, has announced advanced robotic machine tending compatible for in-line inspection connectivity for the complete line of Cognex vision solutions including vision sensors, vision systems, and 3D vision systems. This allows users to enable robot-driven manufacturing with Flexxbotics using Cognex to achieve precision quality with six sigma consistency and faster cycle-times.

Flexxbotics’ innovation, the FlexxCORE technology, enables the robots to securely connect and communicate with Cognex equipment. With Flexxbotics the robots receive closed-loop feedback based on automated inspection results enabling real-time adjustments to CNC machine programs for autonomous process control. With in-line inspection, Flexxbotics orchestrates the fleets of robots in the smart factory to achieve continuous unattended operations enabling higher yields, greater throughput and increased profit per part. 

Here's an example of a Congnex in line vision application:

Flexxbotics compatibility includes the full range of Cognex In-Sight vision systems and vision sensors, as well as Cognex 3D vision systems L38 and L68 series, 3D-L4000 with VisionPro, 3D-A1000 and 3D-A5000. 

“We see autonomous process control as necessary to achieve autonomous manufacturing,” said Tyler Modelski, CTO and co-founder of Flexxbotics. “What we are doing with the Flexxbotics solution is delivering robot interoperable compatibility with thousands of models of CNC machines and inspection equipment with the ability to add new models rapidly.” 

Flexxbotics robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of its smart factory platform, delivering robot-driven manufacturing at scale with autonomous process control for continuous operations. Flexxbotics’ SaaS/hybrid architecture runs both online and offline so production continues with or without internet access, and Flexxbotics works with existing business systems such as CAD/CAM, DNC, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, MES, ERP, PLM and others for comprehensive process integration.

A full set of bi-directional communications, transforms and routing capabilities are available in Flexxbotics for the inspection tools, robots, and machinery that are connected including loading programs, sending instructions, updating parameters and status awareness depending on the machinery’s capabilities so the robots drive the Cognex equipment along with the CNC machines and other asset in the smart factory.

“We understand that every manufacturer is at a different stage of enabling robotics in their smart factory,” said Tyler Bouchard, CEO and co-founder of Flexxbotics. “That’s why we have developed a solution that can be deployed quickly at scale in a multi-factory environment or incrementally, one workcell at a time.”

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