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DigiKey Launches Automation Hub

Article-DigiKey Launches Automation Hub

DigiKey DigiKey
The electronics distributor has gathered several automation suppliers and created a one-stop for robots, factory equipment, and integrator services.

Whether it’s because of worker shortages, reshoring, or simply the desire to produce goods more efficiently, automation has become high-interest territory among small- to mid-size manufacturers. The automation supply community is stepping in to help. Suppliers such as igus and Universal Robots have created multi-vendor robot equipment sites, and DigiKey has announced a hub that focuses on supporting its customers as they adopt automation technology.

DigiKey has launched a site that offers support for automation, including systems integrator programs. The idea is to provide a one-stop for companies as they build out their equipment and control systems. DigiKey’s automation program includes a wide range of vendors lined up to support the full range of automation, from robots to control systems.



DigiKey’s new Product Distribution Center Expansion (PDCe) has 27 miles of automated conveyor inside the building.

DigiKey introduced that automation hub at Automate. The company’s booth included demonstrations by DigiKey's technical staff as well as its partners in automation. Booth demonstrations included a TM Series Collaborative Robot from Omron, a TeSys Island demonstration from Schneider Electric, IO-Link products from Banner Engineering, and Siemens safety products. The booth also presented an Interactive Product Showcase from Phoenix Contact.

The automation hub offers a selection of electronic components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment, including systems integrator programs and technical demonstrations.



DigiKey processes over 6.5 million orders annually with an efficient and effective supply chain enabled by the world’s leading suppliers that are revolutionizing automation.

YouTube Video Instruction  

As part of the automation program, DigiKey has launched a four-part video series called Revolutionizing Automation. The series – sponsored by Omron and Siemens – explores automation and control technologies. DigiKey has created an efficient and effective supply chain enabled by leading suppliers in automation and control. Automation products include sensors, motors and controllers, robotics, connectors, power, RFID, and more. “Automation and control is a quickly-growing market that is essential to ensuring global supply chains continue to run smoothly throughout ups and downs,” said Eric Wendt, director of automation at DigiKey.”

The first video, “Totally Integrated Automation,” showcases conversations with leaders at Siemens about the building blocks of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) that is available to DigiKey customers. The next episode, “Robotics and Machinery,” offers a look at how Digi-Key is utilizing new robotics technologies from Omron, and others, to automate tasks throughout the DigiKey warehouse.

The third episode, “Inventory Management and Sorting,” focuses on the Siemens products that empower the management of DigiKey’s new facility, a hub of automation solutions that manage one of the largest electronics catalogs in the industry. The fourth video called “Efficiency and Worker Safety” highlights the many ways Omron’s automation solutions streamline routine tasks to keep workers safe.

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