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Vuuch Enterprise Social System 4.0

Vuuch Enterprise Social System 4.0

Vuuch 4.0 is social technology software for the way product development teams interact. Vuuch is specifically designed to foster social interaction on the deliverables required to develop and enhance products. Vuuch knows how a product is defined, it knows what deliverables, including CAD files, the product consists of and knows which people are connected with which deliverables. Vuuch combines what it knows about people, products and the relationships between them in a social platform for product development.

Features in Vuuch 4.0
Support for SpaceClaim Engineer via a Vuuch plug-in.
SpaceClaim enables engineers to design, edit and manipulate CAD models, even if they are not expert CAD users. The combination of SpaceClaim and Vuuch couples 3D communications with social technology. The Vuuch 4.0 plug-in offers SpaceClaim users the ability to create and respond to product issues and requirements using the Vuuch social system directly from SpaceClaim.

Export to Microsoft Excel. Users in Vuuch create pages representing a product or deliverable. On each Vuuch page, activities that represent tasks, issues and requirements are created. The social system then permits people who have been invited to participate in the management of those activities and pages. Over time, this institutional knowledge becomes valuable for reporting, analysis and regulatory compliance. Starting with Vuuch 4.0, the entire history of a page, all product pages or sets of pages, along with all related activities, can be exported to Microsoft Excel to facilitate these uses.

User-interface enhancements. Vuuch 4.0 has implemented user-interface enhancements online and in the Vuuch plug-ins. In Vuuch 4.0, events - who did what and when to the Vuuch activity - can be optionally shown in-line with the contents of an activity. Events are analogous to status updates in consumer social networks, but function in Vuuch to allow team members to analyze the sequence and flow of activities in place with the actual content the team is working on in the social system.

On the Vuuch 4.0 web portal and in the Vuuch plug-ins for Microsoft Office and CAD systems, a new visualization of replies and activities is easier to read and follow than in previous releases. Due dates are shown intelligently with phrases for common time periods. Additional enhancements in the Vuuch 4.0 web portal include the ability to sort column headers on page and activity displays, the ability to discover how other users are involved in Vuuch content and filtering of activities.

Activity filtering is a powerful way to view information in the social system that allows a user to see only what concerns him or her at that moment. Users can filter by deliverable type, time, owner and status. Filtering is also available in the Vuuch product information BOM display, permitting users to see, for example, only red status items from a particular Vuuch user from the last two weeks.

New in Vuuch 4.0 is an enhancement to the Vuuch email notification service that now shows the real name and email address of the user who submitted an update to the social system.

Mobile device support. Vuuch 4.0 now supports Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices via the Safari browser included on these devices. Vuuch users can now login to Vuuch from wherever they might be, allowing issues and tasks to be resolved and permitting the Vuuch social system to become integrated into the product development process.

Pricing, availability and supported systems
Vuuch is available as an annual subscription. Users who create Vuuch pages require a paid license. Other users may access those pages and update those pages without a paid license. Introductory pricing is $250 per year per Vuuch page creation license.

Vuuch 4.0 is delivered as a service, so there is no installation or setup needed. The Vuuch 4.0 web application supports major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Optional Vuuch add-ins allow team members to access the Vuuch enterprise social system directly from within Microsoft Office 2007, SpaceClaim, SolidWorks, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Pro/ENGINEER.

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