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Top manufacturing stories for 2019 – workforce matters

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Here are the top stories on manufacturing produced by Design News throughout 2019. The changing workforce led our coverage of manufacturing.

So what were the big issues in manufacturing over the past year. As I looked over our coverage, I was surprised to see an unexpected trend emerge. It was the blending of PLM into design and manufacturing software, nor was it the rising importance of the digital twin. Not cyber security, not IoT, not robotics. Not even 5G.

The overriding theme was automation and the workforce. The issues were varied. How will companies cover for retiring knowledge workers? Are Millennials and Generation Z ready to take over the plant? Do we have enough train workers to run smart manufacturing technology?

Check out these stories to see the details of the challenges and the industry’s readiness to meet these challenges.

 Automation Suppliers Back OPC UA 

(Image source: OPC Foundation)

 OPC UA TSN looks to leverage gigabit Ethernet bandwidth and Time Sensitive Networking to deliver open networking solutions for smart factories.

Free E-Book: The Landscape of Industrial Manufacturing and Warehouse Robots 

(Image source: Southwest Research Institute)

It's cobots 101: In this e-book we're going to clear up the differences between traditional manufacturing robots and collaborative robots.

Prepping the Workforce for Smart Automation 

(Image source: Applied Manufacturing Technologies)

Companies can ensure successful deployment of automation by getting buy-in from the workforce and offering retraining. Without the buy-in, workers won’t use the technology.

3 Challenges Collaborative Robots Need to Overcome 

(Image source: TUV Rheinland)

As the market for collaborative robots expands, the industry faces challenges in developing safety regulations as well as some other key areas. The three changes are safety, security, and staffing.

Only 5% of Mid-Size Manufacturers Are Implementing Industry 4.0 

(Image source: BDO)

A new survey finds, in spite of competitive pressure, mid-size manufacturers are late in their build-out of smart manufacturing technology.

Trade Tensions Disrupt Supply Chains 

 (Image source: Fictiv)

With trade tariffs escalating – particularly with China – manufacturers are seeking alternative hardware supplies, often shifting to US suppliers.


Rise of the Augmented Worker 

(Image source: Autmentir)

 At the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show yesterday, Chris Kuntz of Augmentir explained how augmented reality and artificial intelligence are changing how manufacturing workers learn their jobs.


Manufacturers Turn to Automation to Combat Labor Shortages 

(Image source:

Manufacturing report reveals companies and their suppliers are experiencing prosperity while also facing labor challenges. For many, the solution is greater automation.

(Image source:

Retiring Knowledge Workers May Get Replaced with Technology 

 (Image source: Catalyic)

 As Baby Boomers retire and take their knowledge with them as they leave manufacturing facilities, their replacements may be hardware and software run by kids.


Is Generation Z Ready for Plant-Floor Technology? 

(Image source: Leading2Lean)

Leading2Lean’s Manufacturing Index reveals that Generation Z is interested in manufacturing, but the industry needs to fight for the young generation’s attention and participation.

Solve Process Problems Before Adding Smart Automation 

(Image source: Applied Manufacturing Technologies)

 Companies struggle when they add smart manufacturing tools to faulty processes. Process problems have to be solved before the benefits of advanced manufacturing and be reaped.

Here Comes the Tech Future for Design and Manufacturing 

(Image source: Siemens)

Siemens PLM has changed its name to Siemens Digital Industries Software to reflect its wider technology range. Design News sat down with Tony Hemmelgarn, the CEO of the newly named company, to talk about the expansion of industrial technology.

“Batch-of-One” and “Ease-of-Use” – The Top Keywords at PackExpo 

(Image source: Emerson)

The twin themes of this year’s PackExpo packaging tradeshow were ease-of-use and mass customization. These long sought-after goals are here today, and they were on display at PackExpo.

Someday We May Make Robots Out of Smaller Robots 

(Image source: Georgia Tech /  Rob Fwelt

 New research from the Georgia Institute of Technology is pointing to a future where we may use simple robots as the components for more complex and highly-adaptable ones.

Robot Democratization: A Machine for Every Manufacturer 

(Image source: Universal Robots)

Robots are cheaper and easier to use. They’re within reach for small manufacturers. Add to that a tight job market, and robot deployments are moving down the manufacturing chain.

Manufacturing Contraction: How Will It Affect Advanced Manufacturing? 

(Image source: ISM)

We’re two months into a US manufacturing contraction. What will that mean for smart manufacturing investments and jobs? BDO’s Eskander Yavar takes on these questions.


Industrial 5G: Impact on Factory Automation 

(Image source: Siemens)

Automation and control applications are sharply in focus as one of primary beneficiaries of new 5G wireless network technologies.

The Industry 4.0 Blueprint Is Being Rewritten by Startups 

(Image source:  xresch from Pixabay)

Startups are leading the charge towards Industry 4.0. But that doesn't mean established companies can't also adapt.

Edge computing key industrial automation trend in 2020 

(Image source: Industrial Internet Consortium)

 IoT communication solutions are evolving toward edge computing architectures where edge nodes and gateways provide connectivity between IoT devices, subsystems and data centers.

Rob Spiegel has covered automation and control for 19 years, 17 of them for Design News. Other topics he has covered include supply chain technology, alternative energy, and cyber security. For 10 years, he was owner and publisher of the food magazine Chile Pepper.

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