TH Scope Diagnostic Software

Trebing + Himstedt's TH Scope diagnostic
software enables
users to replace multiple complex diagnostic tools with one, easy-to-use
solution. The software displays diagnostics for
PROFIBUS, PROFINET and other Industrial Ethernet protocols, through the
combination of the web-based software tool the TH Scope and the network access
point the TH Link.

The diagnostic data collected by
the TH Scope can be displayed in any device that has internet capabilities. Users
of TH Scope can view data on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The TH Scope's
automatic email alerts deliver system malfunctions when they occur.

TH Scope end-users can access the status of networks and diagnostics
information centrally and remotely. The network
quality is evaluated using different parameters and is displayed in a graphical
interface, which permits critical network alerts to be identified at a glance. This unified diagnostic view, combined with
cross-protocol diagnostic functions helps reduce systems monitoring costs in
all system life cycle phases.

TH Scope's information can be exported to higher-level
applications such as: Historians, ERP systems, Asset Management Systems, Process
Control Systems and Microsoft Office through built in OPC connectivity which is
compliant with the latest OPC Foundation standards. Existing plant systems with
OPC Connectivity can connect to the TH Scope and enable the flow of diagnostic
directly from the plant floor right to the boardroom for more effective
business decisions.

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