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Texas Instruments' eZ430-Chronos

Article-Texas Instruments' eZ430-Chronos

Texas Instruments' eZ430-Chronos

Chronos was created to inspire wireless networking development by enabling designers to easily and cost-efficiently harness the integration of TI's new CC430 microcontroller (MCU), regardless of programming expertise. The CC430 MCU combines the MSP430 core and an RF transceiver to result in the industry's lowest-power, single-chip radio-frequency (RF) solution for MCU-based applications. The kit includes a 3-axis accelerometer for motion-sensitive control and sensors for data collection of altitude, temperature and battery voltage. It comes with RF protocols and open source example projects and can be used as a wireless hub to access real-time data from wirelessly paired custom sensors. Never before have developers had access to a completely reprogrammable development kit packaged in an environment as portable as a sports watch. Chronos' leading hardware/software integration allows developers to significantly save on BOM and board space, resulting in lower cost, smaller end products. It includes an eZ430-emulator for simplified programming debugging on top of base software framework and RF functions so developers are able to easily customize Chronos' basic functionality, or wirelessly pair it with their own custom sensors. Unlike anything on the market, Chronos provides developers with a wearable, low-cost, easy-to-use tool, complete with software, hardware and community support. CC430 shrinks package and printed circuit board size by up to 50 percent compared to two-chip-solutions. Chronos performs watch functions (30m waterproof), and is equipped with on-chip sensors to measure altitude, temperature and battery voltage.

2010 Golden Mousetrap Finalist
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