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Tecnomatix Enhancements Highlights

Tecnomatix Enhancements Highlights

Tecnomatix's improved industry support streamlines processing activities for a more personalized solution for the aerospace and defense industry. Building on new solution capabilities to assist manufacturing planners, ergonomics analysis and simulation solution has a whole new look, while key integrations for quality management and factory optimization drive efficiencies for validating and leveraging planning results.

Below are highlights of the latest updates to the Tecnomatix suite.

Enhanced BOM Management, Documentation and Work Instruction Creation on Teamcenter

  • Bill of materials (BOM) management enhancements in Teamcenter improve reconciliation between multiple BOM structures by leveraging object types and attributes. This simplifies workflows and assists with filter rules that can remove irrelevant objects and structure levels, providing a flexible environment for accomplishing a critical task during new product introduction or when new product variants are created by engineering.
  • Improvements to Teamcenter's process Gantt chart provides an easier and more intuitive view of process definition. Processes, interdependencies and timing can be graphically balanced for increased operational efficiency.
  • A new WYSIWYG editor for work instructions increases productivity of authoring free text and allows cut and paste of standard text and symbols, improving compliance to your internal manufacturing standards.
  • Capturing and leveraging 3D animations has never been easier. Through Process Simulate on Teamcenter, 3D simulations can be output as a lightweight, monolithic PDF report with interactive 3D and embedded in work instructions through Teamcenter. This greatly enhances the understanding of complex assembly or disassembly operations.

Tecnomatix Enhancements Highlights
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  • From engineering to production, dimensional integrity is a critical link from design intent to actual results. Our Dimensional Planning & Validation (DPV) production measurement and reporting solution can now provide a standard format output to our Variation Analysis solution, which gives design engineers the ability to validate assembly variation on 3D models with true production results.
  • Variation Analysis now supports finite element analysis (FEA) gravitational bias, allowing simulation models to comprehend gravitational influencers to tolerances.
  • Feature reconciliation improves quality engineering productivity by quickly identifying underlying product data changes that could have an impact on features critical to product quality. Automated routines recognize geometry feature differences without having to interrogate each callout.
  • Further enhancements allow inspection plans to run directly through a web interface and now become part of DPV results - increasing the DPV use case for piece/part production measurement and reporting.

Jack and Jill - Style Makeover and Extended Worldwide Tour
  • In Process Simulate Human, new Chinese, German and Indian anthropometric data enables you to quickly scale the Jack and Jill human models for the assessment of operations based in China, Germany and India, respectively.
  • Auto position operations now include both position and posture creation, and generic ergonomic reports can now be filtered and executed for a complete simulation run within Process Simulate Human.
  • In Jack, new clothed human figures and improved scaling give Jack and Jill a much-needed makeover. The force-influenced posture tool within Jack can accurately predict human postures based on hand loads within the operation, and the task simulation builder now supports work at an elevation, two-handed tasks, force-influenced reaches and enhanced ergonomic reporting.
  • The latest version of Jack delivers performance improvements for the loading and sharing (export) of JT data, user interface enhancements for a more modern look and feel and library updates to support the most current use of scripting and custom tool development.

Plant Design and Optimization Advancements
  • The Factory products now provide full support for both 32 and 64-bit architectures, as well as for the AutoCAD/AutoCAD Architecture 2010/2011 releases.
  • FactoryFLOW offers new capabilities for the handling of daily tugger routes within the factory model.
  • Several enhancements in data handling for the In Context Editor greatly improve the ability to work with integrated factory data between Teamcenter and AutoCAD/FactoryCAD applications.
  • Plant Simulation now provides a Teamcenter data interface for the direct movement of process-related data from manufacturing planning to throughput simulation. New library objects are also available, with material handling elements like a turn plate and converter, a lockout zone and a multi-portal crane.
  • Several new enhancements within Plant Simulation improve overall model load and save times, 3D modeling, and visualization.
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