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Stiff pentapod

Stiff pentapod

Compared to many six-strut hexapod configurations, this five-strut design increases the ratio of working space to build volume while providing more residual stiffness at high swivel angles.

In addition to its 5-axis machining capability, this pentapod design can also swivel through ninety degrees. The machine controller, however, accepts conventional co-ordinate information supplied by a normal numerical control program. Bosch Rexroth MHS 40 direct drives with hollow-shaft motors raise and lower the spindles. Compared to toothed-belt systems, the direct drive gives a stiffer design with fewer parts, increasing reliability. As there is no belt, no retensioning is required. Machining applications for the pentapod include models for prototypes and forms for castings.

Michael Schwaar, METROM Mechatronische Maschinen GmbH, Chemnitz, Germany; Tel: +49 371 5347 600; Fax: +49 371 5347 601; [email protected]. For more information, circle 509

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