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Update for AutoVue 7.1

Supports AutoCad 2005

The latest service pack for AutoVue 17.1 supports AutoCad 2005 and several other new formats. Such as AutoCad sheet set files (.dst), Cadence SPECCTRA 14 and 15, CoCreate's ME10 version 12, PADS PowerLogic, Solid Edge 15, Visio 2003, and Protel Schematics 98, 99, and 99SE. Available as a desktop Windows application and as a thinclient, server-based solution for Windows or Unix servers, AutoVue provides a single point of access and common user interface. Cimmetry Systems

Modeling CAD software

Offers more options

Options within Delcam's PowerSHAPE hybrid modeling CAD software have been extended. Intended for designers who need to quickly generate a number of variations on a new concept, the additional options include a new morphing method based on a control surface, the ability to retain the shape of features wrapped onto an underlying surface that is being modified, and the ability to undertake multiple morphs of different types on a surface or solid. Delcam

Online collaboration suite

Offers calendar enhancements has added new enhancements to its online calendar that include an updated look and feel, and new group scheduling functionality. Added to offer a complete suite of on-demand business services, the new enhancements will allow customers to save valuable time and more effectively manage team meetings by easily viewing and coordinating team schedules. Intranets.com

Grid computing offering

Accelerate time to market

A new Grid-based product offering is available that reportedly reduces the time required to capture, compile, and analyze clash research data and can accelerate product development and time to market for the automotive and aerospace companies. By grid-enabling CATIA, IBM's collaborative, virtual product development application, the software can help auto and aerospace engineers use grid technology for more rapid evaluation of design alternatives during sub-assembly clash analysis. The offering includes CATIA(R) and ENOVIA(R) application software. IBM

Geometric modeling software

For the MAC

UGS PLM Solutions announced that it has ported Parasolid(R) to Mac OS X. Opening up it software to new markets, the company can provide the geometric modeling foundation for many of the world's computer-aided design manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications. UGS PLM Solutions

HexCore technology

Fully automatic meshing tool

Tgrid 3.6, a mesh-building tool, features new HexCore meshing technology offering a unique advantage to CFD analysts and designers, particularly when modeling fluid flow problems with open spaces. The process begins with the creation of a hanging-node Cartesian mesh, then it automatically accounts for predefined prism cells, and finally, high-quality tetrahedral cells are added in the transition area between the Cartesian core and the boundary, all while the mesh density variation can be controlled both globally and locally. Fluent Inc.

Automated mold design

Manual adjustment available

Now with full integration with the company's PowerSHAPE hybrid modeling program, the PS-Moldmaker reportedly provides a powerful design system for the assembly of molds from a wide range of standard components. The relationship between the two products allows users to exit from the automated process at any stage, carry out some manual adjustment to the design within PowerSHAPE, and then return to the automatic methods to complete the mold. Delcam

Drilling Software

More flexibility

Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary woodworking and plastics industries, Mastercam(R) Router Version 9 features a series of new tools and enhancements. It can block or "gang" drills, including straight and "T" block drills. It also reportedly optimizes the drilling routine by dropping the correct drills according to the drill pattern that is being machined. High-Speed Machining abilities are included, along with 2D high-speed pocketing, reducing sharp tool movements. CNC Software Inc.


Reduces design completion cycles

The Workstation zx2000 features 64-bit Intel Itanium 2 chips that are engineered to be low-cost and energy efficient. The product is able to run on Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems and is designed for tasks that require more than 2 GBytes of physical memory. This means engineers should not have to split models or divide simulations into several smaller pieces, thus adding time to each project. It also features a custom-designed HP Scalable Processor Chipset zx1 and several industry-standard professional graphics cards. Hewlett Packard


Facilitates presentation tasks

The ConceptDraw V is a comprehensive enhancement of the prior version. It can facilitate charting and presentation tasks for business and technical users, and is designed to enable users to visually develop and express ideas in any combination of drawings, diagrams, and charts. The software is reportedly the only one of its kind to work with Macintosh OS X and Windows. It can be used for a wide variety of projects, including marketing, project management, business consulting, software design and development, website design, and resource management. Computer Systems Odessa

CAD support system

Free to online catalog users

Allowing users to view and manipulate over 8,000 images of the company's Stock Springs, as well as download 2D and 3D CAD models, the SOLID GOLD support system also lets users save viewed images as both JPEG and TIF files. It supports all major 2D and 3D platforms and enables users of Solid Works to use the drag and drop feature to add the selected part to their design. Lee Spring Co.

Rapid prototyping system

Entry-level, extraordinary speed

The ZPrinter 310 System is designed to meet the needs of the entry-level concept modeling market. Its reported speed and improved user interface stemmed from market research and customer feedback. The company also has introduced ZPrint 6, a software package that allows users to scale, color, and label parts before printing. The software has expanded capabilities suitable for texture mapping and labeling, as well as the ability to print parts from Geographic Information Systems. Z Corp.

FEA Software

Now available as standalone

FEMLAB 3.0, a standalone program, reportedly uses the proven finite-element analysis method to efficiently solve models of physical phenomena, allowing engineers and scientists to better understand underlying properties. The software is designed to model virtually any physical phenomena a person can describe with PDEs, including heat transfer, fluid flow, electromagnetics, and structural mechanics. It is also interdisciplinary; a user can investigate the interactions of these various effects within one graphical interface. COMSOL Inc.

Connectivity Engine

Low cost, low power

Designed to provide low-cost and low-power support for Linux(R) , the VCE405 connectivity engine reportedly eliminates the need for massive heat sinks or cooling fans. It features dual PMC slots that support 64-bit PCI buses for flexibility. With a recorded operating range of up to 85C using convection cooling, the device is ideal for applications in which space and weight are concerns, such as with aerospace or medical equipment. Thales Computers

Serial port USB adapters

Full set of data control signals

USB-2COM and USB-2COMi are constructed as ready-made cable solutions that allow RS232 or RS422/485 serial devices to talk to newer USB PCs. The devices are based on FTDI's single chip FT232BM USB UART i.c. for transferring serial data over the USB. Both are serial-port USB adapters housed in plastic enclosures and are designed for rugged application areas. Also, both reportedly feature a full set of data and control signals on their DB9M connectors. Saelig Company Inc.


Advanced thermal analysis

Now available is SINDA/G for, which allows users to access the advanced thermal capabilities of SINDA/G and a state-of-the-art environment for creating and viewing their models. is designed to provide structural, thermal, thermal stress, modal, and dynamic response analysis capabilities. Users can also customize models with a few lines of code or entire subroutines, which they may learn from the SINDA/G documentation. PlassoTech

AutoCAD plug-in

For entertainment lighting design

Created as an AutoCAD-Plug-in for theatrical and entertainment lighting design, LD Assistant PL03 w/FX helps lighting designers create better lighting plots, animations, and presentations, while reducing costs and time. It is reportedly the only entertainment lighting design software to offer advanced lighting and rendering tools. Its drag-and-drop and point-and-click lighting and animation tools are designed as an interface that will be familiar to Autodesk users. Design & Drafting

CFD Plug in

Enables laminar/turbulent flow

Developed as an answer to the problem of needing skill and experience to use CFD effectively, STAR-Design is a "plug-in" for the company's CFD code STAR-CD. It reportedly provides an alternative path through the full STAR-CD system and enables simple incompressible/compressible, laminar/turbulent flow, and heat transfer cases to be set up and run with ease, speed, and accuracy. It features its own graphical user interface, a Parasolid-based solid modeler, a fully automated tetrahedral mesher, and new visualization tools. CD Adapco

New interface

Increases efficiency

The company has released a new interface for TOSCA to the non-linear simulation program MSC.Marc, designed to provide users of MSC.Marc with the full TOSCA functionality for topology and shape optimization. It is suited for non-linear analyses and allows new applications and a reportedly significant increase in efficiency in the virtual product development process. Other available features include manufacturing constraints, adaptive refinement, and shape optimization of contact surfaces. FE-Design


Accelerates speed

Designed to enhance the working process of design professionals using AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based applications, NavisWorks3 Navigator uses NavisWorks Real-Time Engine to improve the ability to view and navigate large models within AutoCAD. It can reportedly accelerate the speed and choice of manipulating massive data sets to quickly create informative 3D design models with all the subsequent benefits they offer. It is installed as a dockable window within the main AutoCAD interface. NavisWorks, Ltd.

Milling Software

Sub-spindle turning focus

EdgeCAM Version 8 is designed to offer "one hit" manufacturing with a special focus on sub-spindle turning. In the program, single set-up machining is the key to boosting metal-cutting productivity when milling and turning are done on the same machine tool. It also offers turrent synchronization with spindle seed priority, which reportedly ensures that any pair of operations on the two tool turrents finish as close to the same time as possible. This allows users to determine which tool controls the spindle speed when two tools are working on the same spindle concurrently. Pathtrace Engineering Systems

Design software

Innovative tools

The Autodesk ShapeManager geometric modeling kernel is designed as a purpose-built, feature-based modeling engine unique to the company, which is fine-tuned for the demands of 3D users in the manufacturing sector. Features include innovative shape description tools that enable users to reportedly seamlessly mix solids and surfaces to create stylized, complex, and sculpted parts as well as lofting capabilities that allow users to easily create aesthetic shapes. Autodesk Inc.

Geometry-finding technology

Finds and corrects distortion

PatFlex(TM) is the newest member of the company's PatMax(TM) family of geometric pattern-finding technologies. It allows a vision system to locate an object, feature, or pattern whose perspective has changed, or whose surface is curved, warped, wrinkled, or stretched. After finding and correcting for these types of distortion, the product allows the full range of Cognex vision tools to be applied. It is made for applications where the object changes shape during production, such as in packaging operations employing non-rigid containers. Cognex Corp.

CAM application

Machining features automatically recognized

Version 8 of hyperMILL reportedly provides complete continuity for every single machining step integrated in one CAM system; the seamless switching from two to five axes with simpler administration is designed to save time. Machining features, such as holes, are automatically recognized on the CAD model and imported into the CAM system. Also, there is reportedly no problem for the product if the model is available as a solid or surface. Open Mind Technologies


Access all supported file formats

VizStream Spectrum allows access, visualization, and collaboration on all 3D and 2D file formats. The 3D element is powered by VizStream technology, while the 2D side is an adapted version of VizStream's hierarchical visualization technology. VizStream Access is a 2D only solution, designed for companies who are eager to begin visualization and collaboration but don't yet have the overriding need for 3D accessibility. RealityWave

Stormwater modeling system

New event and report features

Version 7.0 of the HydroCAD(R) Stormwater Modeling system offers a reported 100 new features. These new features included multiple storm events, automatic chamber storage, tidal outfalls, and enhanced reports. They offer comprehensive TR-20, TR-55, SBUH, and Rational hydrology, along with pond routing, pond and pipe sizing, outlet hydraulics, and Tc calculations. Applied Microcomputer Systems

Platform solutions

Extends system capabilities

The myCOE solution uses Microsoft's Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment and zero-touch provisioning technologies to simplify and speed up the deployment and refreshing of enterprise-wide desktop environments. It is designed to combine best technology and innovation from the company and from Microsoft. The solution attempts to meet the needs of agile enterprises by providing increased flexibility and cost control over desktop services costs. EDS

CNC Software package

With real-time plotting

JenCNC(TM) is a 3D CNC Software package that is designed exclusively to run the company's SmartMotors. It reportedly combines features of both a CAD/CAM and a Motion-Control Software package into a graphical user interface for controlling two to four SmartMotors in true 3D coordinated motion. Featuring custom-tailored algorithms, motion is reportedly optimized for smooth control and continuous operation for all machining needs. Animatics Corporation

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