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CAD processing tool

Reduces simulation prep time

AI Environment(TM), a pre- and post-processing tool for solving complex simulation problems, is designed to be a path from CAD to analysis in less time. Working with geometry sources, AI Environment offers repair tools for preparation and healing, and mesh editing. Specified for automotive and aerospace industries, the software has a parametric link to commercial CAD packages, according to the company. Ansys, Enter 638

CAD modeling

Improved automation processes

CAD model repair and translation is the specialty defined in CADfix v5.2, featuring automated CAD healing. A wizard recognizes the most common causes of translation failure and finds solutions, the company says. Users define parameters and improve data by refining results. Paths that fail call up automated repair tools; saved data improves the success rate of the next initial pass. International TechneGroup Enter 639

Enterprise software

Selective export feature

Collaboration Gateway 2.5, an interoperating software solution that reportedly adds architectural components for enterprise-class intranets, has a feature set for CAD model exchange. The software works with Dassault Systemes, CATIA(R) v4, CATIA v5, PTC's Pro/ENGINEER(R) and others. Features include advanced validation, selective export, and enhanced UPR viewer. Additions to design include offsets, lofts, and surfacing operations. Proficiency, Inc. Enter 640

CNC machine software

Improves production and quality

STEP-NC technology has advanced in several ways, as recently demonstrated with an advanced process of integrating complex surface models into the company's CNC-independent control data. Full-fidelity data was used to machine test parts at Boeing Defense on a multi-axis CNC machine. An ST-Machine plug-in for tool path generation in Mastercam software also was demonstrated, as was an index library and a C++/COM library. STEP Tools Inc. Enter 641

CAD/CAM software

Single-click features

FeatureCAM 2004, the latest release of the company's manufacturing design software, reportedly offers easy-to-use tools and advanced CAD functions. Features include automatic feature recognition, direct model transfer for CAD files, and the FeatureMILL3D cutting strategy wizard, which leads wizards through strategies for roughing and finishing milled parts. Add-ins work with SolidWorks(R) and Autodesk(R) Inventor functions for transfer of part models. Engineering Geometry Systems Enter 642

Diagramming solution

Defines complete digital models

Routed Systems Designer v4.0 diagramming tool works inside the company's Pro/ENGINEER CAD program. Features include an XML interface, faster schematic design creation, 3D cabling and piping diagramming in XML, multi-user capability, as well as design reuse from libraries and templates. According to the company, the latest interface allows designers to verify that 2D piping and wiring systems translate exactly in 3D interpolations. Enter 643

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