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2D to 3D CAD evolution

"Evolve to 3D" is a program added to the company's Solid Edge(R) CAD software, allowing customers to simply upgrade from 2D to 3D applications. The program also allows users to keep their 2D design integrity while changing files to 3D, the company reports. Features include a migration wizard, 2D/3D hybrid workflow, embedded design manage-ment, and a simple four-step method of upgrading to 3D. EDS PLM Enter 585


Model, expand fluid scenarios

Fluid flow analysis software includes CAD/CAE associative capabilities and expanded analysis ability. The software reportedly allows designers to model a wider range of fluid flow scenarios than previous versions. Features include the prediction of steady and unsteady flow patterns in laminar or turbulent flows. The product supports direct data exchange with many file formats and CAD software titles. Algor Inc., Enter 586


Alternative to fixed systems

The dStation(TM) is a self-contained, portable imaging system for 3D visualization, with a ROVR(TM) large-screen, digital stereo system for field work. It is designed as is a two-channel visualization wall for display events like trade shows. The system contains two modules, each with a 1280 x 1024 projector and connections for up to eight computers. SVHS and DVD players are included. Fakespace Systems, Enter 587


Access product performance information

Nlighten(TM) product engineering software is a web-based application providing information about product design economics. Reportedly able to give designers insight into hidden-value improvement, Nlighten helps reduce product lifecycle costs and predict more accurate and consistent ROI numbers. Features include alerts to identify problems, quick access to historical data, and design change monitoring. Ninatek, Enter 588


Complete digital development

Automotive designers and engineers are using total digital development products like the CAD Automotive Pack. It provides integrated rendering and visualization programs that speed the process through styling, pre-visualization, image regeneration, advanced photorealism, and integration with CAD programs' geometric databases. The product includes a library of shaders for visualizing multi-layered coatings on surfaces. Lightwork Design, Enter 589


Windows-based axis milling

Subtractive rapid prototyping devices are available in combination with VisualMill Basic CAM software, offering complete control of the milling process, the company claims. Units bundled with VisualMill include the MDX-650, MDX-500, MDX20, and MDX-15. The products are reportedly ideal for rapid prototyping, mold making, and educational purposes. Features include intuitive interface, simulation of all tool paths, 2.5- and 3-axis milling, and optional 4th and 5th axis usage. Roland DGA, Enter 590


Over 4,000 models available

SIMPLORER(R) component models are available for current customers to download. The items for the multi-domain system simulation software include over 4,000 predefined models from companies like International Rectifier, Maxwell Technologies, Analog Devices, and Infineon. Models include MOSFET, OpAmp, diodes, multiplexer, and rectifiers. Ansoft Corp., Enter 591


Drawing product add-on

The DwgStrip tool is available for AutoCAD 2004 software. The product works like the layout tabs located at the bottom of AutoCAD's editor, but allows fast switching between open drawings. Features include indicators for drawings that are not saved, and full name and path on the tool tip when the cursor hovers over the tab. Dotsoft, Enter 592


Expand concepts to designs

Conceptual and industrial design software Pro/CONCEPT v2.0 is available for Macintosh OS X systems. The product allows designers to sketch and model in one user environment, the company says. Features include curve layouts, photo-realistic images, 3D facet models, real-time rendering, transfers to and from MCAD and collaboration systems, and a variety of formats like STL, VMRL, ProductView, OBJ, TIFF, and JPEG. PTC Enter 593


New redirection function for data

TopSolid 2003+ contains improvements including the performance of the integrated CAD/CAM handling of complex models and large assemblies, the company reports. When shaded models are changed, only the modified part surfaces are recalculated, saving time in many operations. Memory management for large assemblies was improved, as was collision checking and support for high-speed milling. Missler Top International Enter 594

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