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GD&T software

Runs on various operating systems

The GD&T Trainer Professional Edition of the company's geometric dimensioning and tolerance training software is designed to allow users a hands-on approach to learning. It features 28 student-focused lessons covering the basic rules, definitions, and concepts of GD&T. Also contained are geometric control application and inspection examples, as well as a full glossary of terms, audio narration, instant lesson feedback, and material-reinforcement quizzes. The software runs on Windows 98se, NT, 2000, ME, and XP operating systems. Effective Training Inc.

PDF solution

Creates accurate files

Intended as a complete pdf solution for firms using AutoCAD LT, Bluebeam Lite allows users to create accurate pdf files directly from AutoCAD LT and Windows Office(R) applications. Upon installation, the software will add its buttons to the AutoCAD LT and Windows Office applications, designed to allow pdf creation at the click of a button. Its specialized settings are designed to generate extremely accurate pdf drawings. Bluebeam Software

PLM Software

Accelerates innovation process

Reportedly designed to bring unprecedented simplicity, structure, discipline, and predictability to the innovation process, Goldfire Innovator(TM) software addresses the front end of product lifecycle management. It integrates within a single desktop platform or "dashboard" comprehensive functions and content that aids the innovation process. Features include proven problem-analysis tools and methodologies that guide users to solutions and semantic knowledge retrieval. Companies using the product reportedly benefit from greater conversion rates of ideas to products, among other things. Invention Machine

Plotting Software

Speeds data loading process

Created specifically for oil reservoir modeling, Tecplot RS (Reservoir Simulation) Version 4.0 is an integrated plotting environment that allows data from multiple sources to be loaded and displayed in plots ranging from XY graphs to 3D renderings. It manages data from multiple reservoir simulators and observed data, such as production rates and formation tests. The new version can reportedly load files up to 17 times faster than earlier versions (depending on the type of data). Tecplot, Inc.

Thermal, stress analysis tool

Adaptive meshing

Engineered to expand the capabilities of HFSS(TM) and Maxwell(R) 3D, ePhysics(TM) is a new software that allows users to incorporate 3D steady-state thermal, transient thermal, and linear stress analysis into existing electromagnetic-based design flows. Features include automated mapping of all electrical losses to thermal sources, interactive post-processing for field visualization, and automatic, adaptive meshing. Typical applications include the analysis of electric machines, power-generation systems, solenoids, transformers, and microelectromechanical systems. Ansoft Corp.

Rendering Plug-in

Includes sketch rendering

The LightWorks Sketch plug-in for form.Z reportedly supports rendering at the conceptual design stage and allows the easy creation of impressionistic and stylized presentations at any point during the design process. Working directly from the 3D model to give users the opportunity to instantly generate non-photorealistic and hand-drawn images that can be re-rendered from any viewpoint, the product also enables a range of expressionistic effects to be applied to a post-process rendering. This is intended to allow the image to appear as if it were done by freehand sketching. Lightwork Design

Virtual Prototyping Software

Make crucial decisions early

PAM-MEDYSA 2G is virtual prototyping software for the design optimization and performance validation of complex mechanical systems. It reportedly allows engineers to make critical decisions early in the design cycle as they use the global approach for fast kinematics simulation and focus on physics properties through a local approach. It is suited for car manufacturers, who will benefit by finding the optimal design of systems, such as continuously variable transmissions or power trains. ESI Group

Graphics solution

Delivers precision

Engineered as a mid-range professional graphics solution that outperforms its high-end competition on several key industry-standard tests, the Quadro(R) FX 1100 strives to deliver unprecedented graphics performance, precision, and programmability. It features what is reportedly the industry's only true 128-bit floating-point graphics pipeline and industry-leading 12 bits of subpixel precision. The product was created for graphics and engineering professionals in computer-aided design, digital content creation, and scientific visualization. Nvidia Corporation

Design software

With schematic winding editor

RMxprt v5.0, software for electric machine design, includes such features as a schematic winding editor, improved core-loss calculation, and a new design template for claw-pole generators. It comes in four packages: Induction Machines, Commutated Machines, Synchronous Machines, and Electronically Commutated Machines. Ansoft Corp.

CAM Software

New interface, fast calculations

Designed to provide easier programming, PowerMILL 5 CAM software features a streamlined user interface and additional chances for programming automation. Among other things, the new interface also reportedly allows templates to be established for any similar components, and the improved rest roughing reportedly results in faster calculation times and increased machining accuracy. The product also allows for the machining of different areas of the model with different thicknesses of material left on. Delcam

Service pack

View and markup features

Service Pack 1 for AutoVue is designed to demonstrate the company's reliability to support the latest versions of design packages. It allows users to view and markup hundreds of native file formats, including 3D CAD parts and assemblies, 2D CAD drawings, scanned and raster documents, and vector files. A number of formats have been added, such as Adobe PDF 1.5, CATIA5 R12, Inventor 8, Cadence Concept HDL 14 and 15, and SolidWorks 2004. Cimmetry Systems Inc.


Translates solid and surface models

The CATIA v4 to Rhinoceros translator is designed as a plug-in application in Rhino 3D with the ability to read and write CATIA v4 files directly (CATIA v4 does not have to be installed on your system). It will translate solid and surface models from CATIA v4 models and CATexp files to and from Rhino 3D. The translation tool will also allow referencing of CATIA files within Rhino so changes to the base data can be accurately reflected in the Rhino design data, according to the company. Elysium Inc.

3D CAD application

Low cost, Windows data storage

Alibre Design 7.0 and Alibre Design Professional 3D CAD applications are designed to offer parametric solid modeling for mechanical design and manufacturing at 1/10 of the cost of its competition. Some of the advanced features in 7.0 include Boolean operations for the design of molds and dies, access to standard Windows file system for data storage, and improved support for ISO and DIN drawing standards. Advanced features in the Professional version include an expanded set of supported closed corner conditions in sheet metal design and an improved interface for managing sharing and security of repository data. Alibre Inc.

DFM solution

With enhancements

Version 7 of Trilogy 5000 Assembly and Enterprise 3000 DFM Solution is designed to deliver powerful tools for PCB assembly engineering and virtual prototyping. It features a variety of enhancements that reportedly facilitate multi-vendor assembly engineering, substantial additions to DFM verification, and extensions to Trilogy's range of CAD interfaces. A newly developed Documentation Editor also reportedly provides best-in-class functionality, enabling fast delivery of comprehensive and customizable setup instructions. Valor Computerized Systems

Service pack

Interface enhancements

SIMPLORER customers can download Service Pack 4 by using the new "Web update" feature within the help menu or from the company's website. It reportedly includes a variety of new models, graphical user interface enhancements, and significant improvements in its VHDL-AMS simulation capabilities. The improvements are designed to enhance the software's usability for digital circuit and control system design and verification. It is free to customers with current maintenance contracts. Ansoft Corp.

Platform tools

Reduced costs, easy interoperation

Desktop-X 2.0 is engineered as a low-cost X Windows application display utility for Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5. It is designed for computers running SFU 3.5, and the simple structure makes it an ideal utility to display ported UNIX applications, according to the company. It reportedly provides the means for users to easily interoperate between platforms and extend their legacy UNIX applications to the Microsoft Windows platform. StarNet Communications Corp.

Notebook PC

Temperature- and vibration-resistant

Designed and tested to survive a 3-ft drop onto a concrete surface, the NBG 513 is a NEMA 12 notebook PC. Able to meet MIL-spec standards for high and low temperature, rain, fog, humidity, salt, sand, dust, altitude, shock, vibration, and EMI, it features an Intel(R) Mobile Pentium III(R) 850 MHz cpu and 128 Mbytes of ram (expandable to 512 Mbytes). CyberResearch Inc.

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