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Quick turnaround

The Fast Track COTS delivery program ensures the company's newest and highest performance COTS single board computers will be delivered in two weeks or less. The program aims to provide support for fast-turnaround prototyping needs. The company guarantees delivery of up to five boards each of the three single board computers in less than two weeks, with an eventual extension to other boards and systems. Thales Computers


Adds visualization feature

Created as an addition to design programs lacking a visualization feature, the CAD Render Studio provides photo-realistic rendering, animation, and web publishing for most major CAD applications. The program can create and import 3D models, as well as apply textures for realistic print and web-based renderings. The program can also create fly-bys, walk-throughs, and Object VR and Panoramic VR animations, even allowing a model to be seen in varying light conditions. International Microcomputer Software


Low-cost, Ethernet-compatible

Able to communicate at sustained rates up to 230K bps., SeaLINK RS-232 models feature watchdog timer circuit, flexible table mount, and installation close to the target I/O. The software works with a variety of operating systems, and also enables backward compatibility with existing code. The low-cost serial device drivers are offered in one and two port models. Sealevel Systems Inc.


For piping isometrics

The bundling combines ISOGEN's program for automated piping isometrics with CADWorx plant design capabilities. The combination of the two software packages reportedly provides seamless automatic isometric output capabilities, with user-modifiable language files to allow designers to work in their own languages. Coade


Expanded capabilities

The Solid Edge Version 16 system features adjustable parts, fastener systems, and dynamic families of assemblies. For common modeling scenarios, the adjustable parts reportedly provide increased design flexibility, while the fastener systems allow for efficient task automation. By checking parts and subassemblies when closing the master assembly, the system can finalize the design and tracking use of related components. UGS


For industrial technology

Featuring an integrated 3-button HulaPointII(TM) pointing device, 24 function keys, and a 10-key numeric pad, the DW-5K wireless industrial keyboard/pointing device was designed with the idea of simplicity, as it is not susceptible to the line-of-sight issues associated with infrared keyboards. Water, dust, and corrosive liquid resistant, the keyboard has a 30-ft RF range and a six-month average battery life. The unit also comes with a manual binding feature that locks in the keyboard's signal so that other wireless devices can't interfere with its signal. ikey industrial peripherals


Interoperability solution

The company announces CFdesign v7.0 software compatible with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0. The software combines full functionality fluid flow and thermal simulation capabilities to provide a package intended for design optimization. The new software reportedly fills a gap in Product Development Systems, allowing engineers to use CFD to impact quality, cost, profitability, and performance. Blue Ridge Numerics


Morphing module

The Virtual.Lab Rev 4 offers a software suite designed to test the structural integrity, comfort, sound quality, system dynamics, handling, and durability of mechanical systems. The product's morphing module claims to provide a faster way to update existing Finite Element models into new models, while performing analyses before CAD or new FE models are available. The post-processing and optimization enhancements reportedly allow for deeper insight, and more efficient design solutions. LMS International

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