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Updated irradiance viewer

Release 3.2 of TracePro has several new or updated features. An integrated healing husk, now included in all versions of TracPro, simplifies, stitches, and fixes deficient geometry in an imported CAD-translated file. Also in the new version, reverse ray-tracing sends rays from a target instead of forward from a source. The scheme macro editor helps with scanning and editing of the micro facility. Other improvements include a CAD translator, photo-realistic rendering, and enhanced graphics capabilities. Lambda Research Corp.


Minimizes model redefinition

Integrated with Dassault Systemes' CATIA V5 PLM,this new software puts nonlinear FEA simulation technology at the center of product design. It allows users to perform nonlinear simulation from within the CATIA V5 analysis environment, and can also help engineers minimize time-consuming model redefinition. The system utilizes the fully associative digital geometry of the CATIA V5 model. Such an integration is a big step for engineering software because it can reduce the number of physical prototypes to build and test. Abaqus Inc.


For display and analysis

Astro-Med's Everest Visual Display Software (VDiS), developed for telemetry facilities and other businesses requiring real-time data viewing, allows data to be monitored in real-time and simultaneously displayed in strip chart, numeric data logging, and x-y plot formats. The data can be monitored, having an alarm sound when predefined limits are exceeded. IRIG time code is also displayed, allowing data to be interpreted in military time. There are also options for displaying the different data channels: data can be shown in one or multiple channels for easy comparison; the units of measure can be decided; data can be scrolled in traditional strip chart format. Astro-Med, Inc.



The BL2600 Wolf single-board computer incorporates a Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, flash memory, SRAM, digital I/O ports, A/D converter inputs, D/A converter inputs, RS-232/RS-485 serial ports, and a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port. At least 512k Flash and 512k SRAM come standard with the computer. The BL2600 also features 12 analog channels, five serial ports, and a 950 mA- h backup battery for RTC and SRAM. Programs are developed and debugged using Z-World's Dynamic C(R) software. Z-World


Relies on statistical energy analysis

Manufactured to help auto engineers meet critical noise and vibration performance levels, the makers of AutoSEA2 saw the need for control of broadband airborne and structure-borne noise. AutoSEA2 was designed to let users build complex mathematical energy flow models of real structures and predict responses to simulated vibration and acoustic environments. The product is well-suited to broadband and high frequency noise predictions for a car's longitudinal section. ESI Group


Available in all TracePro editions

The technology of LightWorks(R), from Light Work Design, was used to make this advancement of TracePro. The photo-realistic rendering option is now available in all editions of TracePro Opto-Mechanical Modeling Software. It features capabilities not available with other rendering engines. This software enhancement features the ability to take a CAD prototype, add realistic material properties, create or import realistic sources, apply scenery definitions, and create a photo-quality rendering. This technology lets engineers view their products at any stage of the design process. Lambda Research Corp.


Boosts cost-estimating speed and accuracy

Users of Costimator can now look for the visualization and collaboration technology of Cimmetry's AutoVue to be incorporated with its functions. This allows users to capture mass properties of a part or assembly for use within Costimator, as well as to calculate precise measurements on all dimensions that enhance the accuracy of the estimates. Many of AutoVue's features can now be applied to Costimator, such as the collaboration tool that allows users to markup documents, letting other users review their comments. MTI Systems


Virtual testing of electromagnetic phenomena

The PAM-CEM Solutions 2004 family of software has been designed to analyze electromagnetic compatibility and interference problems in a wide frequency range. The software includes a simulation of 3D radiated fields and induced effects on vehicle cable networks. Also available for simulation is antenna radiation, with several levels of accuracy accessible to the user for analysis of wired antennas. PAM-CEM uses CRIPTE for induced phenomena on cable networks and SYSMAGNA for low frequency analysis. ESI Group


Turnkey system

Thales Computers will be supplying fully integrated subsystems to Thales Communications for use as a communication controller designed to provide a data link between transmission equipment and platform technical applications. The system is qualified under RTCA/DO-160 for use in demanding airborne environments. The new subsystem is a 2U rugged rack with the high-performance, low-power consumption single board computer called PowerEngine7. The SBC is based on the IBM PowerPC 750 processor running at 733 MHz. The subsystem runs under LynxOS. Thales Computers


Interactive CAD model fault checking

The updates to this software have expanded Gridgen's Native CAD Reader from solely reading geometry from a CAD system's native files to being able to handle sloppy geometry models and reinforce and strengthen the product's main ability. This was done by adding Native CAD Reader for Unigraphics and a visual tool for identifying gaps and overlaps. Pointwise Inc.

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