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For quantitative analysis

AutoQuant Pro(TM) is designed as the new generation of automated, multicomponent FTIR software for quantitative analysis. It reportedly builds upon over six years of successful field experience with the company's original software and provides significant added value to the company's line of industrial FTIR spectrometer systems. According to the company, it incorporates a refined implementation of the advanced multivariate CLS algorithm developed by NASA scientists to achieve faster computational speed and improved performance. MIDAC


For composites design

Version 5.0 of FiberSIM(R) software is designed to allow users working with CAD systems to design products made of strong, lightweight, composite materials. It features an all-new Advanced Composite Engineering Environment(TM) that reportedly automates many of the repetitive design, simulation, and manufacturing tasks peculiar to working with composites. This is intended to reduce design and manufacturing times and costs while improving part quality. VISTAGY Inc.


Reduces design time

SIMPLORER(R) simulation software was created for the design of large-scale, multi-domain systems found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries. It reportedly features a new scripting interface, enhanced optimization and statistical analysis tools, extended VHDL-AMS functionality, in addition to new model parameterization tools. Ansoft Corp.


Web-based program

Rev 5 of LMS Tec.Manager is a Web-based and ASAM-ODS-compatible solution that is designed for efficient data organization, retrieval, and reporting. It reportedly allows users to leverage the information value of large volumes of data that represent a large investment in time and cost. The extended Web Navigator allows users to share easily and leverage engineering data by browsing through specific directories and opening selected data containers. LMS International


With step-by-step assistance

FatigueWizard is a software add-in that allows engineers to use the results of the company's stress analysis to carry out easy-to-use stress- and strain-based fatigue life calculations of product designs. It is designed to help users complete effective durability assessments of their designs under the effect of multiple loads. It guides users step-by-step through the process of setting up a fatigue analysis, including defining load history data, specifying material information using an extensive database, and calculating the fatigue life of the model, among others. Algor Inc.


Reliable, transparent

Engineered as highly transparent, high-resolution, high-reliability touch screens, the IRTouch touch screens use infrared touch technology that offers a stable, maintenance-free, and calibration-free solution for point-of-sale and industrial process control display applications. They reportedly employ innovative optical and mechanical designs that offer high performance in any type of ambient light conditions. Touch International


Powerful rendering capabilities

The company has announced the licensing of its HOOPS(R) 3D technology to Autodesk(R) . The HOOPS 3D Application Framework and HOOPS Stream Toolkit reportedly help power the 3D viewing capability in Autodesk DWF(TM) Viewer 5 and help enable the 3D compression in the DWF file format. According to the company, Autodesk has added powerful 3D rendering capabilities to the latest version of its DWF Viewer. Tech Soft America


Interpolates values in nodes

SmartCoupling is designed to be a multidisciplinary data transfer tool for coupling and linking of mathematical models coming from different disciplines. It reportedly enables a seamless multiphysics interaction, and allows coupling of models with different discretization. It can be done manually or half automatically, according to the company, and it can also interpolate values in nodes or elements. SmartCAE


Expanded, new platform options

The company has released a variety of new enhancements and options to its Agile 9 Enterprise PLM solution. Also included are a new release of the Agile Product Governance and Compliance product, and the delivery of new features and improved functionality to the Agile 9 platform. The platform reportedly provides organizations with a robust, scalable, enterprise class infrastructure. Agile Software Corp.


Built on Microsoft .NET

Version 6 of the company's PLM software is engineered as a business-ready solution, and the company's Innovator(TM) is the underlying application framework. They are reportedly the first and only actionable metrics based on a standardized set of key performance indicators for product development. It is also reportedly built on Microsoft(R) .NET technology, another first. It is designed so users can identify and fix issues before they become problems, and proactively target areas for continuous improvement. Aras Corp.

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