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Software Package Speeds Development and Commissioning

Software Package Speeds Development and Commissioning

A simplified programming interface and real-time system simulation allow the Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) software package to speed development and commissioning for the jumbo roll collator from Jakob Graphic Services GmbH.

KAS is rooted in the company's Pipe Network programming language. It is a scalable system with a standardized development platform that directly links HMI, PLC and Motion Control in a common development and software environment. The integrated development tools include a complete set of IEC 61131-3 language editors: sequential function chart (SFC), function block diagram (FDB), ladder diagram (LD), structured text (ST) and instruction list (IL); a common program compiler; an offline Motion PLC program simulator, and a HMI development tool. This all-in-one solution reduces programming and commissioning time.

Software Package Speeds Development and Commissioning

KAS functions allow the machine developer to quickly assemble the program and achieve the performance output in a system-supported visual project engineering environment. Programming in KAS is simply describing the mechanical relationships between components with the aid of graphical description blocks. An extensive motion library is available for the graphical Pipe Network editor to complete this task. All the machine's internal processes can be simulated to determine the optimum settings and eliminate problems prior to commissioning, with the results loaded directly into the control system.

KAS offers a reduced cabinet size with all-in-one IPC module, a total application development time of one week and 200m/min (+30 percent) machine throughput, depending on the type of cut. Kollmorgen high-performance AKM servomotors and precision gear boxes eliminate the need to change the cylinders and gearwheels used for cross cutting or perforating various paper formats.

Software Package Speeds Development and Commissioning
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