Small Motors for Fighting COVID-19, PC-Controlled Robots, and Speedy Simulation

Breaking supplier releases offer a range of new equipment and services during difficult times.
  • ABB

    ABB Expands RobotStudio so It Can Control SCARA Robots from PC

    RobotStudio’s new Robot Control Mate add-on lets users commission and control SCARA robots direct from their laptops. Robot Control Mate is an add-on to RobotStudio. It was created to allow users to jog, teach, and calibrate robots from their computer, making it easier to control a SCARA robot’s movements. ABB’s offline programming software can be used to control the physical movements of a robot in real-time.  Robot Control Mate also makes robot programming possible when a FlexPendant is not in place. (Image source: ABB)


    HELUKABEL Introduces ISOBUS Hybrid Cable for Agriculture Industry

    HELUKABEL, a manufacturer and supplier of cable, wires and accessories, has introduced the ISOBUS PUR hybrid power and data cable for use in the agriculture industry. This cable connects tractors, combines, sprayers and other farm vehicles to their implements at the front or rear of the machine.

    The ISOBUS PUR is built to the ISO 11783 standard that governs the communication between agriculture machinery, mainly tractors and implements. ISOBUS areas of application include wheel sensors, auto steer and turnaround, GPS navigation, row guidance, equipment monitoring and sensors, video input, as well as fleet management. (Image source: HELUKABEL)


    EFC International Expands with New Warehouse and Office in Chicago  

    EFC International, a supplier of engineered fasteners, has taken a new step in its growth. The company is moving its Chicago branch office and warehouse to a 64,000 square foot facility at 4150 Chandler Drive, Hanover Park, Ill.

    Company representatives noted that the move will enable EFC to enhance its service level by providing additional stocking programs with increased inventory space. With 4,200 pallet locations, 26-foot clear height ceilings, and a circular flow from receiving to inventory to shipping, the facility will allow EFC to ship product more efficiently. Also, the facility is built for future growth. The increased number of dock doors will provide and efficient flow for containers to be loaded for export, supporting customers for all EFC Global locations. (Image source: EFC)


    DAI-ICHI SEIKO Changes Company Name and Logo

    DAI-ICHI SEIKO Co., Ltd. will change its name to I-PEX Inc. effective August 1, 2020. Along with the new name, the logo will also be changing. The goal is to unify the company name and corporate brand into one name. I-PEX was created to enhance the company’s image while also enhancing brand awareness on a global scale.  

    Depending what country you’re in, you will know the company as I-PEX, I-PEX Connectors, I-PEX Sensors, I-PEX Automotive, Touchstone Precision Inc. or DAI-ICHI SEIKO. Company representatives noted I-PEX will continue to provide original technology, products, and solutions. “We’re the same company united with one name, one logo,” company representatives said in a statement. (Image source: I-PEX)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Portescap

    Portescap Motors Supports Life-Critical Applications

    The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an urgent need for critical care equipment such as ventilators and infusion systems, as well as increased requirements for lab analyzers.

    Portescap Motors has been an expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions for medical devices and clinical diagnostics, and now the company is pitching in during this crucial time. Collaboration, speed, and flexibility are needed as companies work together to defeat COVID-19. Portescap’s team of engineers is working closely with device manufacturers to create customized motion solutions that save lives. The company is building motors that power ventilators, infusion pumps, clinical diagnostic equipment, and many other medical devices used in the fight against Covid-19. (Image source: Portescap Motors)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Prosense

    AutomationDirect adds ProSense Advanced Process Controllers

    Yokogawa is making ProSense PPC5 series controllers exclusively for AutomationDirect. The advanced process controllers handle temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other variable control applications that offer a variety of control, input, output, alarm, and communications options.

    These 1/4 DIN controllers accept inputs directly from thermocouple, RTD, and analog mA, mV, V signals. Remote setpoint and contact input options are available. Control outputs include relay, voltage pulse, or linear current. An analog output represents the PV, SP, target SP, remote SP, or output signal. Three alarm contact outputs can be configured for 30 alarm types and 10 alarm functions.  (Image source: AutomationDirect)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Dinkle

    Dinkle Releases Plug-In Easy-Test Terminal Blocks       

    Dinkle International has introduced disconnect terminal blocks implement plug-in technology that is a safe design offering space savings with testing capabilities for use in CT and VT secondary circuits. The DPT DIN rail disconnect terminal blocks are designed to provide efficient, safe disconnect and testing of current transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (VT) circuits.

    CTs and VTs isolate a primary power feed from a secondary circuit, permit grounding of the secondary circuit, and step-down the current or voltage to an appropriate level for measurement. Terminal blocks are then used as the termination points for instrument loops on the secondary circuit.

    Panel builders have traditionally incorporated barrier-type terminal blocks in CT circuits—but these are challenging to access, require proper tools, and take time for backplane mounting and screw-down wire terminations. (Image source: Dinkle)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Keystone

    Surface Mount Fuse Clips with Kapton Tape

    Keystone has introduced surface mount fuse clips with Kapton tape as an option for its comprehensive line of on tape and reel packaging. The addition of the Kapton tape across the top surface of the SMT fuse clips allows for a more secure part picked-up by vacuum pick-and-place assembly systems.

    Kapton tape is currently being offered on Keystone 2AG, 5mm, mini auto blades and standard auto blade SMT Fuse Clips.

    For 2AG, 5mm specify Cat No’s 3622KTR and 3621KTRFor mini auto blade specify Cat. No’s 3563KTR and 3583KTRAnd for the universal entry clip, Cat No 3586KTR

    All of these Kapton enhanced products are supplied on tape and reel per ANSI/EIA-481 standard, with delivery from stock through Keystone’s global distribution network. Samples may be obtained by contacting the nearest Keystone distributor or directly from Keystone. (Image source: Keystone)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Prosense, Universal Robots, Keystone, Dinkle

    Universal Robots Interface Enables Fast Cobot Deployment for Injection Molding Applications

    Plastics manufacturers are increasingly turning to collaborative robots to tend injection molding machines. With the launch of the new Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI), Universal Robots makes the communication between its e-Series cobots and injection molding machines fast and easy. IMMI supports injection molding machines with EUROMAP 67 and SPI AN-146 communication interfaces.
    According to BIS Research, 15 percent of all cobot applications in 2020 will be deployed in the areas of injection molding, automating tasks such as placing inserts into molds and moving parts through post-mold processes. These are tasks that require high repeatability, complex motions, and demanding angles, making them perfectly suited for the six-axis cobots. The cobots can be mounted on top or beside an injection molding machine and they can work alongside human operators without safety cages. (Image source: Universal Robots)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Prosense, Universal Robots, Keystone, Dinkle, Stratasys

    Stratasys J55 3D Printer Offers Full-Color 3D Printing to Validate New Product Designs Quickly

    Stratasys has introduced a new 3D printer that can make fast, full-color design realism accessible to designers and teams everywhere. The J55 3D Printer costs about a third of the price of enterprise-class PolyJet printers. It combines realism and productivity, including high fidelity and five simultaneously printed materials that enable nearly 500,000 colors, PANTONE Validation, realistic textures and transparency in one printed part. Set-up is designed to be easy, and remote monitoring means print jobs can be managed from home. Design-to-print workflow is simplified in the printer by utilizing KeyShot and SOLIDWORKS software integration. (Image source: Stratasys)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Prosense, Universal Robots, Keystone, Dinkle, Reno Subsystems, Stratasys

    Reno Sub-Systems Introduces New Line of Integrated RF Match and Generator Systems

    Reno Sub-Systems, a developer of high-performance radio frequency (RF) matching networks for leading-edge nanoscale semiconductor manufacturing, has introduced its first all solid-state generator and RF matching system, developed to support a repeat customer of Reno’s Velocity RF Matching Networks. The new system is the first-ever combined EVC match and RF generator unit designed specifically as an integrated system, leveraging Reno’s patented Velocity RF Match and Precis™ Generator technologies. This combination allows for direct communications between the systems to optimize the performance of both. (Image source: Reno Sub-Systems)

  • ABB, ISOBUS, EFC, I-PEX, Prosense, Universal Robots, Keystone, Dinkle, Sgtratasys, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Reno Sub-Systems

    New Simcenter FLOEFD from Siemens Digital Industries Software Reduces Simulation Time


    Siemens Digital Industries Software has released the Simcenter FLOEFD software, a CAD-embedded computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool. Simcenter FLOEFD is part of the Simcenter portfolio of simulation and test solutions that enables companies optimize designs and deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence. Simcenter FLOEFD helps engineers simulate fluid flow and thermal problems quickly and accurately within their preferred CAD environment. The latest version offers new modules and improvements that can improve accuracy and solve rates.

    Featuring unique intelligent technology to enable fast and accurate simulation, Simcenter FLOEFD helps users frontload CFD simulation early into the design process to understand the behavior of their concepts and eliminate the less attractive options. (Image source: Siemens Digital Industries Software)

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