Seal Secures High- and Low-Temp Fluids

Stemming the Tide: The fluoro-elastomer
edge on teh SA33 gasket can withstand -40 10 150C fluids.

Many automotive gaskets may see coolant temperatures of "only" 110C (220F). But radiant heating, especially after shutdown, can drive temperatures at thermostats, exhaust-gas regenerator components, and water manifolds upwards to 150C.

To counter these conditions, engineers at InterFace Solutions Inc. have incorporated a fluoro-elastomer edge into the rubber-edged composite technology Select-a-Seal(R) system gaskets, SAS33 series. Unlike many such materials, this fluoro-elastomer is also formulated for low temperature performance, down to -40C. In addition, the edge resists erosion from high fluid-flow rates, allowing use in hydraulic pumps and motors.

The Select-a-Seal combines compressive and adhesive sealing. The adhesive action helps maintain the seal when the material relaxes over time, but can still be peeled off flanges. Compressible base material holding the seal also overcomes stress relaxation in the edge by transferring its stored energy to the seal to add to edge compression. Base material is chosen for shear resistance, strength, and temperature resistance, with a density and pore structure optimized to conform to flanges as well as irregularities in the finish. Material resilience can also be tailored to mitigate noise and vibration.

Contact:Vic Burriss, InterFace Solutions Inc.

Tel (717) 207-6006; Fax (717) 207-6080


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