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R+W America's New Torque Limiter

R+W America's New Torque Limiter

R+W America's new torque limiter, the SL Series, utilizes a proven spring-loaded ball detent system, along with a previously patented preload for zero-backlash operation.

To achieve its target of 50-percent weight reduction, R+W embarked on a two-year collaborative effort with local universities, designing the product from the ground up rather than simply redesigning or optimizing existing products. The result is a torque limiter constructed from state-of-the-art materials with unique surface treatments and innovative assembly technology - surpassing weight reduction targets and simultaneously reducing its footprint.

In addition to custom material specifications, specially designed spring systems, and some improvements to the ball detent configuration, resulting in a 40 percent increase in torque capacity for a given size, the weight reduction was also achieved through the compression of individual components.

The four sizes (Series 30 / 60 / 150 / 300) cover disengagement torque values from 5 to 700Nm, and involve various mounting options, including both direct and indirect drive versions. Models SLN (clamping) and SLP (keyway) attach by flange to sprockets, sheaves, pulleys and gears, and include an integral dual-bearing system to support belt and chain tension when properly located over the shaft. Models SL2 (bellows coupling) and SLE (servo insert coupling) mount inline between two independently supported shafts, such as motor to ball screw connections, and compensate for the small but inevitable misalignment which exists in this type of machine layout. All four types are field adjustable, and come with both English and metric bores according to customer specifications.

R+W America's New Torque Limiter
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